Monday, July 14, 2008

no chickens here

During the day before i started work i had some time to enjoy the stampede a little. Craig, my second cousin and kc came up from Raymond for their first experience at the stampede.  After much convincing Erika and Craig decided to join KC and i on the SKYSCRAPER. 
you can't really tell in the picture what its all about, but there is a basket for people to sit in on each end.  You go round and round and the basket swings.. it goes pretty fast and its REALLy high. it was SOO fun! and we got those sweet chicken shirts. We have some video of it.. but it makes me feel motion sick to watch!

Another reason i love the stampede... all the best people come out.

i don't have a picture of it.. but i also got to go on the slingshot ride too. you sit in a basket kinda thing with someone and they slingshot you into the air. it was also a rush!!! the rides are always a little more exciting at stampede cause oyu're not sure if they are going to break while you are on them or not. i was lucky this year!


kandicejill said...

Hahaha YESSSS I LOVE THOSE RIDES! I'm glad you were able to convince Erika to go -- she woulda missed out if she didn't! I too got to go on that ride and loved every second of it :D Soo great and worth every penny! I'm glad to hear that you also got to do the slingshot. Gotta love those rides!

.Ang. said...

I hate the rides

but thats just me

love YOU!

Anonymous said...

I am with Ang, the rides scare me, but watching Alana and Erkia go on them was fun. Especially watching their faces as they got to the front of the line, you could see the nervousness increase with each step!


Anonymous said...

That was amazing that you were able to get a picture of MY mom and dad while you were there!

Okay, so they aren't my parents but they're someone's parents...

Auntie Wilma