Monday, July 14, 2008

officially an adult

My baby sister  is finally 18! WOOOHOOO!!! 
Her and i have had some good times together.  

It was a busy day today.. i feel bad because i missed out on quality birthday time with her today because i had to work.  but we did have enough time to snap some quick pictures of most of us sisters (we miss you Ang and we did think about how well we could photoshop you into the picture) Check out Angies blog for some good pictures and a wonderful tribute to Erika 

All i saw her get for her birthday so far was some jelly tots. oh yeah we know how to treat you right!
Hope you had a good one and we celebrate better later!

Also.. Happy TWENTY-SIXth Anniversary to Mom and Dad on July 10th.  I sure love you guys!


Anonymous said...

Great shots of the sisters, you're a fine looking group! Looking forward to seeing your blog after the birthday celebrations (sometime after you recover from working two full time jobs).
Auntie Wilma

kandicejill said...

Awwee tell Erika Happy Birthday! She's so freakin cute! I love your sister pics too -- and that's quite the birthday present ;) Haha. You better post again after you celebrate for reals. I love youu

.Ang. said...

I miss you guys!!! Happy Birthday once again Erika!!!

I'm a little jealous that you got Jelly tots!!! I won't even go into details about my last jelly-tot... or NOT experience!!

It may or may NOT have had something to do with being pregnant, craving jelly tots and someone going out late at night to find them, coming home with skittles instead..