Thursday, July 24, 2008

some pics

I had some pictures from last week that i never blogged.

Candi keeps asking me how she can get on my blog. If she dressed more like Jamie she would surely be on it more. One late night, jamie burst into my room dresssed like this crazy pirate cowboy superhero in their pajamas.. she just did it because that is what jamie does.

Driving home from work the other day me and mom saw this car.

This sticker was in the window. Classy.. REAL classy.

And a picture from when we celebrated Erika's birthday at dinner.
I know it was her birthday and all but i was really hoping that she would share some cake with us!

But on a more serious note. LIFE IS GREAT! this summer is flying by! i go back to school in practically a month! OH MAN! where is the time going? I still have SO much i want to do before i get back to school.. see more people, make a quilt, read some more good books, learn to cook more food (i did make some hot and spicy wings tonight though).. etc. I am getting ready to be back in school and out of this work routine though. I am learning so much this summer about everything, me, my life, my family, friends, tuxedo's, radio.. JUST SO MUCH! i am so grateful for the opportunities and miracles i have been witnessing! :)

but ang.. i still miss you! (and your family of course)


.Ang. said...

I miss you too! I wish you could be here!!

That car is funny!!! The sticker is even funnier!

Reminds me of the song "big girl, you are beautiful"

haha look it up!


jaQ-ee said...

I wish jamie lived with me. She's hilarious. My brothers are too busy playing warcraft to do funny things like that. Boys are boring.

Love the car pic. It looks like it was already scraping though! Somebody didnt read the sign!!!