Saturday, July 12, 2008

stampeded out

post about stampede to come as soon as i'm done working these 13 hour days.

i am almost stampeded out

but i still do love it


kandicejill said...

i wish i could stampede with you

Anonymous said...

Can.t wait to hear about your job at the stampede.
WE watched it on TV and it looks like there was lots of activity. You will need a rest from all the rush. It was exciting wasn't it? Better than renting out Tuxedos!Or was it?
Summer goes fast-it won't be long before you are back in school. EDucation is so important to have. One never knows what is in the future for them. Noone can ever take it away from you.President Hinkley was a great promoter of young women getting an education. while they are young.
All the best in everything. Love Grandmabashi