Wednesday, July 2, 2008

We miss and love you Arizona cousins

Tuesday, Canada Day, was also parade day. (mom has more pictures.. i will add those later). It started early with breakfast made by Kevin.. MMm soo good!

The parade was the same as usual.. but it felt like there was MORE candy and less family reunions.. but still the good ole Raymond Parade.

We loved the whole reunion because we got to know our second cousins from Arizona so much better.. and we miss them a ton already. Canada Day was a HUGe bonding day for all of us.
Lindsay Love decided to be the candy collector.... it wouldn't be the parade without her getting it for the little kids

After the parade we went for another tour with Uncle Marvin on our way to the Hutterite Colony.

Grandpa Andersons Farm

We stopped here because it looks like the water in the canal is flowing uphill.. cool eh?

uncle Marvin hooked us up and we got to go visit a hutterite colony. It was really cool and a lot of fun... Dallin asked the best questions and we all learned a lot about them and how they live.

Ohh how we miss you guys!

At the end of our tour it started pouring rain and we all got SOAKED!

The rest of the day we spent playing games, watching some of the rodeo, dancing, eating and laughing.

Oh yah and we beaded too. Lindsay was a hero to the little girls and helped them all to make something. I asked Beau to make me something.. and this is what he came up with. I love the earrings he crafted!!

We were introduced to a new game called MOW and we had a lot of laughs learning it. Who knew we had such cool cousins living south of the border. Hopefully we can see them again soon! before the next reunion!!! WE MISS YOU!!!


erika said...

I miss them so much already!

Linz said...

Aw i love the pictures! i miss everybody so much! i keep going over all the fun stuff we did! thanks for the random pic of me catching candy for the kids ... i really don't know how to just stand and watch!

kandicejill said...

The reunion looks like it was so much fun! I miss those Raymond Parades... I wish I was there for it! And I'm super jealous you saw Kallen while you were there too! I loveyouu