Wednesday, July 2, 2008

young single adult camping

Friday after work kaiti pratt, jess layton, candi and i piled into the car to head down to Bishop Drapers cabin. ohh how i love road trips... the weather was perfect and i was once again reminded about how beautiful Alberta is...

The bishops cabin is AMAZING... it has a perfect view of Chief Mountain. When we got there we wandered down to check out his horses.. too bad we didn't get to ride them, maybe next time.

We set up the tent pretty quickly (i think dad was a bit worried, he kept telling me that the instructions were in the bag with the tent) He sent Candi and i with a head lamp of course, and i had to take a picture with me using it for him. It actually came in really handy when we were around the campfire making smores and people were having a hard time finding chocolate and such, who would have known. Even after all that though, i must say to dad that i still don't want one for christmas.

It was late and i decided to play some dress up. Kaiti , Jess, Candi and i all slept in the tent.. we actually woke up soo HOT in our tent which was lucky. I heard coyotes early in the morning, but the other girls were fortunate enough to sleep through their calls. I do love camping though, i hope to be able to go out again this summer, and for longer than one night.

The next day we went rafting down St. mary's river. We had an awesome guide, Lindsay, and because the water was SOO cold (straight from a glacier) she helped out raft stay out of the water fights. It was super hot outside and we had a good time! I would definitly go again.

Candi and i sporting out awesome water shoes.

After rafting we got to enjoy a wonderful dinner put on by Brother Jenson. he is an amazing cook and we pigged out on steak and chipotle shrimp. He took candi as his little apprentice and so i hope that sometime soon she can replicate it.

We had a good time out there. YSA events are always the best for people watching. i must say i quite enjoyed myself.


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can me and glade use the pictures from your blog?

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yes you guys can use the pictures