Sunday, August 31, 2008

tying up loose ends

So... the summer is just about over. I am now back in Provo. I would be lying if i said i wasn't homesick... cause i am.

Anyways.. my last day at Black and Lee was on Monday. I was glad to finally be done there. I took some pictures so i could always remember it haha.. But really i had no idea just how much goes into Tuxedo and Suit rentals.. we got all our merchandise from BC it would come normally Tuesdays and Wednesdays in boxes like this.
Those days were busy as we had to unload all the stuff and check it all to the orders individually.. put in pocketsquares, cufflinks and button covers, match up shoes and file them all alphabetically and then call the customers.

This is what they all look like in the back hanging up.

After helping SO many customers i now have my favorites.. and sadly i didn't even take a picture of the ones i liked. haha..

After use, customers would bring them back on Mondays.. and we would have to check that everything was returned and remove all the stuff we had put in. That was always GROSS! with the clothes smelling sick and having to touch that nastiness, putting your hands in the pockets to see that they were empty, not knowing what might be in there. sometimes there was puke... and other such gems.

i can't believe i endured four months of that.

That night, as per my request, dad made chinese food for us for dinner. i don't want anyone to get confused, my dad is JAPANESE, so technically everything he makes is japanese food, but he makes some MEAN japanese-chinese food.

Loved every bite of it!

Then i went to a bridal shower on tuesday and hung out with a REALLY old friend after. But check out this pictures of me and some of my besties. Love them.

The night before i left, i had a busy day.. and with my canadian cell phone then disconnected.. it kinda was full of hassles. hahah.. but that night candi had the brilliant idea to make brylie a doll.. with help from all her Aunties that weren't in Hawaii.

We saw this idea on Martha Stewart. A girl makes these dolls and sells them on etsy (well not right now.. she only sells some cool prints right now)

Candi assigned us all jobs and i think she turned out really cute. She's supposed to look like Brylie.

She's kinda cute.

The next morning we went to Picture Butte.. then Lethbridge for my best friends brothers wedding.. which dad performed and did SOO well. And then we had the wedding lunch and then went back to Grandma and Grandpas.. we were joined by the Neilsons later. and i really enjoyed being able to see them (especially Jacqui) before i left the next morning to drive HERE.

Monday, August 25, 2008

i can't get your smile outta my mind

Well.. the weekend before Erika left, we had Dads sisters and our cousins here (we missed you Auntie Wilma, Dave, Nicole, Chay and Blade) It was fun as it always is.. Aunty sharon did her usual fruit platter for us

complete with her apply swan.. she has taught me how to do this countless times.. i need to attempt to do it on my own

Jenelle made more cookie dough and we all rolled it out and baked some more sugar cookies to decorate with our cousins.. we made some more icing in more fantastic colors

everyone is so into their cookie decorating.. definetly in their element

And of course, grandma in her element taking pictures

Jacqui couldn't be there with us on sunday.. so she drove down monday... tuesday morning we had a nice breakfast of french toast before Erika left
We all took Erika to the airport to see her off to Hawaii, where she will join Mike in going to BYU-H. I am so excited for her.. but i will miss her

We took advantage of one last photo op

A family shot-- missing some key members (Angie's family)

And she's off..

Word is that she is doing good.. her roommate is from japan... her room is smaller than a cardboard box and school starts this week.

On wednesday i went out to dinner with some of my good friends that i have always grown up with.. Katelyn JUST got engaged and we are so happy for her. for some reason the group picture of us wouldn't work.. so all i have is this one of kandy and i

On Friday after work Jenelle and I joined my dad at the stake Fathers and Kids camp. It has always been a Fathers and Sons event, so this was his first time ever being able to go. I don't know if you can really tell from the picture below.. but they really meant KIDS when they said it.. most of the kids came up to my waist. But it was fun even to just drive out there with Dad drinking slurpees and talking.

We didn't stay the night.. but still Dad brought headlamps for each of us.. He LOVES his headlamp, he is a strong promotor for the headlamp.

I have been pretty emotional this week. Which is weird. But i do hate this time of the summer.. the goodbyes and the reality of the summer being over. I said goodbye to Erika tuesday and then my best friend Nicole on Wednesday and started to get teary. Its weird because i am really excited to go back to school... but i always miss everyone so much. Good thing i've had some really good times this summer! i gave a talk yesterday in church about family and it really got to me and i cried lots. how embarassing. good thing that in november my whole family will be together in Hawaii.. and really what more could you want?

its my last day at black and lee today! wooot wooot!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


i just thought everyone should know
So.. the Jonas Brothers new cd came out today. Jamie and Jenelle and Erika were first to listen to it as they went to Wal-Mart early this morning to pick it up

It is amazing.. but of course i wouldn't expect anything less of them.
song #5 is a fave.

you won't be disappointed

Sunday, August 10, 2008

a little game..

Last night jenelle decided to make some sugar cookies inspired by the movie Camp Rock featuring the Jonas Brothers. In the movie the mom makes some CD looking cookies to match her eighth note cupcakes... with a new secret ingredient her cookies tasted so good!!!

I decided to make some icing to help her finish them off..

the result:

Now for the game.... each CD features an artist we decided to be the favorite of one of the family members.. your choices for family members are: Angie, Mike, Brylie, Tyken, Mom, Dad, Candi, Me, Erika, Jamie and Jenelle.. good luck guessing!!!

1. Angie Takahashi - Angelatak

2. Osmond Boys - Magic

3. Backstreet Boys

4. The Carpenters


6. Just Once (mike wynes band)

7. The Osmonds

8. Dreamstreet

9. Jonas Brothers

10. The Backyardigans

11. Spice Girls - Spice world

The Answers!
1. Tyken's choice of music is his mom
2. Candi loves the Osmond Boys

3. I am a huge BSB fan

4. Karen Carpenter is one of moms favorites

5. Jamie loves to be ABBA's dancing queen6. Angie had a crush on mike when he was in Just Once
7. Dad LOVES the osmonds

8. Erika says "yeah" about Dreamstreet

9. OKay we all love the Jonas Brothers, but for this game, jenelle was the correct answer10. Brylie is a huge fan of the backyardigans
11. Mike likes the spice girls.. or at least he used to have a huge crush on ginger spice

Thanks for playing!

Dad was eating his cookie and decided that it looked like a smile. bahahaha!