Tuesday, August 5, 2008

breaking dawn at well... the start of dawn?

It finally came out.. the long awaited BREAKING DAWN.. the fourth and most likely final book of the twilight series. And i was there with my best friends to get the books at midnight.Chapters was pretty cool and they had a masquerade party.. i didnt' know or i would have dressed up... we laughed a lot getting there and waiting in line. I wish i could always live so close to all my friends.. i have the best friends in the world.

Kandice is the most devoted fan i know.. she can quote page numbers of her favorite parts and knows the ins and outs of the whole series. She made this awesome shirt for the event.
Well we all got the book and i stayed up late that night starting to read it.. and then read it throughout the next day at work.. periodically yesterday and today.
I just finished the book today.. and i have some mixed feelings about it.


.Ang. said...

nothing like Alana Dawn.. Breaking Dawn, at the crack of dawn!

I still have to get mine in the mail.. I should have just bought it at walmart. It's only 13 bucks. Oh well.. I've heard alot of people loved it and some were dissapointed... and some had mixed feelings like yourself.

I can't wait!!!

Kandice can quote page numbers??? that is amazing!

kandicejill said...


I wanna see the vid from reading it in line. Haha I was in SUCH a weird mood. I can't believe I cried ;S

Anonymous said...

Nicole finally convinced me to start reading the series and I'm just starting the second book. I'm into it, but I don't think I'm officially "hooked". Now, I'm concerned because of your mixed feelings about the last book, I may take my time to enjoy the next two books...

Auntie Wilma