Monday, August 4, 2008

first annual p.i.z.z.a tasting

With Erika leaving in TWO WEEKS (Ahhh where is the time going???) we decided to use friday night to do something important. Something we've been wanting to do all summer. We wanted to find a good place to get pizza. So we tried two places out:
Serious Pizza:

and Demetris

Our pizza from SERIOUS PIZZA
This place is on memorial by LICs ice cream... It was just a little place and the service was top notch. She told us we could get the pizza half and half.. and we got one half the santa fe chicken (recommended) and we tried something else on the other half. When we went back to pick up she offered us ranch, hot sauce, peppers and she even put fresh tomatoes on top. We were def impressed by the service.

Pizza from DEMETRIS
This place is down on kensington. We got the recommended vegetarian spinach and feta pizza. And even though the service wasn't quite as thorough as at Serious.. it was good.. and i daresay that i think we met Demetri himself.

Both pizzas LOOKED and smelled AMAZING!!! we were excited to try them both.

So what was the verdict?
we tried Serious first and were delighted.. the Santa fe was spicy and SOo good.. the fresh tomatoes were a nice touch and i don't even really like tomatoes. We just kept saying how much we liked it and liked it. and then we tried Demetris, and BOY OH BOY.. demetri sure knows how to make a MEAN pizza. The toppings seemed miles high and even though it was a veggie pizza the flavors were amazing.. with all the olices, artichoke hearts, spinach and everything.. stuff id ont' think i even like and it all tasted SOO GOOD! plus demetris pizza's ahd the best names like "the french kiss.. hot hot hot" and others..

MMM... maybe we can try some more pizza SOON!!!


.Ang. said...

Both those pizzas look DELISH!!

But probabbly not as good as our feta cheese and spinich pizzas!


Papahashi said...

my vote is for Demetris

dallin and glades blog said...

those pizzas look really good!