Monday, August 25, 2008

i can't get your smile outta my mind

Well.. the weekend before Erika left, we had Dads sisters and our cousins here (we missed you Auntie Wilma, Dave, Nicole, Chay and Blade) It was fun as it always is.. Aunty sharon did her usual fruit platter for us

complete with her apply swan.. she has taught me how to do this countless times.. i need to attempt to do it on my own

Jenelle made more cookie dough and we all rolled it out and baked some more sugar cookies to decorate with our cousins.. we made some more icing in more fantastic colors

everyone is so into their cookie decorating.. definetly in their element

And of course, grandma in her element taking pictures

Jacqui couldn't be there with us on sunday.. so she drove down monday... tuesday morning we had a nice breakfast of french toast before Erika left
We all took Erika to the airport to see her off to Hawaii, where she will join Mike in going to BYU-H. I am so excited for her.. but i will miss her

We took advantage of one last photo op

A family shot-- missing some key members (Angie's family)

And she's off..

Word is that she is doing good.. her roommate is from japan... her room is smaller than a cardboard box and school starts this week.

On wednesday i went out to dinner with some of my good friends that i have always grown up with.. Katelyn JUST got engaged and we are so happy for her. for some reason the group picture of us wouldn't work.. so all i have is this one of kandy and i

On Friday after work Jenelle and I joined my dad at the stake Fathers and Kids camp. It has always been a Fathers and Sons event, so this was his first time ever being able to go. I don't know if you can really tell from the picture below.. but they really meant KIDS when they said it.. most of the kids came up to my waist. But it was fun even to just drive out there with Dad drinking slurpees and talking.

We didn't stay the night.. but still Dad brought headlamps for each of us.. He LOVES his headlamp, he is a strong promotor for the headlamp.

I have been pretty emotional this week. Which is weird. But i do hate this time of the summer.. the goodbyes and the reality of the summer being over. I said goodbye to Erika tuesday and then my best friend Nicole on Wednesday and started to get teary. Its weird because i am really excited to go back to school... but i always miss everyone so much. Good thing i've had some really good times this summer! i gave a talk yesterday in church about family and it really got to me and i cried lots. how embarassing. good thing that in november my whole family will be together in Hawaii.. and really what more could you want?

its my last day at black and lee today! wooot wooot!


.Ang. said...

I Miss you guys SOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!

I'm sad i missed out on the partY! and the cookies, and the french toast, and the fruit platter... and all the laughs i know you guys had!!! I am SO excited for all of you guys to be here in November (and for you to be here for my birthday.... BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER!!!) Then we get the Neilsons for christmas!!! I can't wait!!!.. I've got such good stuff to look forward to!!

I'm so glad you were able to make it to the father-kid camp out! :) Mike and i Think that you and Jenelle should have played all the games and SLAUGHTERED everyone, not caring if you were 2 feet taller or 15 years older... That would have been funny... Kind of.

I love the headlamps!!! always love the headlamps!

It is crazy that Erika is in pictures from just a week ago and she is here right now. I don't know why.. it's just strange.

I'm glad Jacqui could stand in for me at the airport in the picture of the girls... :) I've never looked so good! haha

I miss you all soo much! I love you!


Erika said...

I know what you mean when you say adjusting to school can be tough... and I havent even started school yet!
When you get off to school we will talk all the time okay?
Love you and miss you

kandicejill said...

You guys are SO cute with your cookie decorating! Can we make some this week before we go to school? I'm so jealous! They look SO yummy! And your headlamps are awesome! Props to your dad for being prepared and looking SO cool while doing it! I'm also super jealous that you guys will all be in Hawaii for thanksgiving! So lucky! Definitely one major advantage to having 2 sisters living in the tropics eh? Can I maybe be adopted into your family? ;)

It definitely is really sad at the end of summer saying goodbye and knowing that the next summer things won't be the same... But it's so good to come away with such good memories and knowing you made the most of the time you had. And guess what? We get to both be within 4 hours of each other again this semester :D Can you say camping trips out by lava hot springs (our half way point!) and Freakin DRESS SHOPPING WITH SARA! Sooo weird! But so fun! This semester will be super fun and I can't wait to make trips out to see you (and vice versa rightttt?)

Anyway, your talk yesterday was so good! It was really touching to hear you talk about your family the way you did... how fun to be so close. You truly are lucky to have such an amazing family! I love you sooo much!

Anonymous said...

Seeing some of the pictures really made me sad that I missed the party. Especially with Auntie Sharon because I don't remember the last time I saw her outside of the Edmonton area.

I'm looking forward to you being back at school but I know how emotional it is to drive away from the family...I still get emotional when I drive a way from Grandma's and Grandpa's.

I'm curious though, when you get back to school, will you be keeping up with your blog? Because I enjoy it and it brings a smile to my family quite frequently!

See you soon.

Auntie Wilma

Anonymous said...

I meant to write, it brings a smile to my "face" but I'm sure family is also accurate.
Auntie Wilma

Anonymous said...

I wish could have been there to hear your talk. I missed Erika's talk too and I hope that both of you will take a minute and EMail it to me.
Hard to believe Erika is in Hawaii and settled in her apartment. Maybe she can learn how to speak Japanese from her roommate.. Its great that Angie and family are there too. Its always hard the first 2-3 months and when you move away from home.You always miss home but that is life and we learn to adjust and live with it. I always say enjoy your family when you are all at home. They are the best times of your life.Then your parents have to adjust to the Empty Nest Syndrome.
H0pe you have a good trip down to Provo. We wish you all the best and who knows - we may even see you in Provo later in the fall. Love you Gramabashi

Nicole Breanne said...

I finally got internet so I'm catching up on emails, blogs and facebook. I love you... and miss you. And I'm grateful for the little part about saying bye to me! I still get teary eyed everytime I read what you wrote to me in my journal. Can't wait to hear about everything when you're back at school!


Nicole Breanne said...

P.S. I SOOOO badly wish I could have been there for your talk... sad. next time. I can only imagine how amazing it was!