Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Iron Chef-- Takahashi Kitchen Stadium

Sunday after church i wanted to make some chocolate chip cookies.. and had this idea to have a bake off... after much prodding and asking and mentioning.. jamie decided to challenge me. This wasn't like a normal iron chef.. we were trying out two different recipes for Chocolate Chip Cookies. This wasn't a "my cookies are better than yours" kinda thing.. more just trying to find a good recipe that would satisfy the judges.

Jamie used the nomal recipe on the back of the chipits bag, and i used a recipe from a friend at work that uses vanilla pudding mix in it (yes.. it helps to keep the cookies soft)

Well.. with Jamie involved in the Challenge, costumes were needed. She dressed us both. i became the challenger that was dutch and jamie was Iron Chef Japan. I told her i didn't know if these pictures would make it to my blog, but she reminded me of all the pictures i put of her already on my blog in weird things and that i had to.

So here we are.. Iron chef japan and the Challenger who is Dutch. ( it is a step up from being a hogwards graduate.. or is it?)

My dough

Jamies dough

My cookies on the left.. Jamies on the right.

We both put in one package of chipit chocolate chips. and both had jenelle has our helper.

Challenger removing the cookies from the oven

The iron chef removing her cookies

The iron chefs cookies are on the left, and the challengers on the right.

Dad, Erika, Mom and Jenelle were the official testers. Dad was convinced the challengers cookies had more chocolate chips. he had to close his eyes during the whole testing (not because told him to.. he just did that) "the flavors of the chocolate and the rest of the cookie are just dancing on my palette and they make me feel happy. I really could eat this more than once!" (insert high laughter of a japanese school girl with her hand coverering her mouth here)

Well.. who won? With three votes to one.. the challenger was victorious.

Seriously. chocolate chip cookies made with vanilla pudding mix are something everyone should try!!!

Haha.. i feel a little embarrassed by these pictures still.. but i must say that i am loving my time at home with most of my sisters. It has been such a great time for us! i am so lucky to have them in my life!


.Ang. said...

I seriously can't stop laughing!!! I love the costumes!!!

Jamie Looks SUPER ASIAN!!! (i think she is more agin than you) AND Like the girl from "KIDS ROCK" hahahaha She totally looks like her!!!

I also love the harry potter glasses!

Your dress/apron is HILARIOUS!!! I love the vest as well!

That just makes me laugh so hard!!

THEN there is DAD!! i love how i could perfectly imagine it in my head!

"MMMM.. these are soo good.... mmmmm these ones are so good too.... mmmmmmmmmMMMM they are both so good... Ok how many votes does this one have? and this one has how many??? ok... Mmmmmm they are so good!"

Ahh i love this!!

I miss you guys SO Much!

Anonymous said...

Its so good to hear that your family have so much fun together, They will be priceless memories.
Your costumes were really something and the cookies looked good enough to eat. In fact they looked delicious. I love chocolate chip cookies too.
Only a few more days before Erika leaves. We will all miss her but the blogs,phones and ichat makes the distance much closer. Love you all

jaQ-ee said...

You had those costumes just sitting around!!?!?!?!? AWESOME!!

The whole story is just ridiculously funny and i love it!

post the recipe!!

Nicole Breanne said...

I am in love with Jamie's costumes for both of you. I expected nothing less than that from her tho. She's my hero! haha. I want to try the vanilla pudding cookies now, they sound delectable. AND I love Jamies bangs!

HAHAH ANGIE'S COMMENT is sooooo funny. It's just cracking me up. That whole post cracks me up. It's hard to take you guys seriously when you are wearing those amazing outfits.

thanks for the laughs... and the craving for cookies now...

Nicole Breanne said...

I just can't stop laughing at that picture of you and Jamie in front of the wall. She looks like Asia meets Harry Potter and your smile just cracks me up like no other! hahaha

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you included everything you did in your entry, it made it complete. I'm amazed too that you just happened to have those clothing items around the house, it's like being at "Mr. Dressup's".

There's always so much fun going on at your place!

I'm always on the look out for a good chocolate chip cookie recipe, you'll have to bring the recipe down with you so that I can try it out.

Auntie Wilma

Sheila said...

Wow, we need to live closer. We are missing some good times.

You are great...loved the outfits.

Can you do it all over again when we come down...so I can taste test the cookies and pick a winner?