Sunday, August 10, 2008

a little game..

Last night jenelle decided to make some sugar cookies inspired by the movie Camp Rock featuring the Jonas Brothers. In the movie the mom makes some CD looking cookies to match her eighth note cupcakes... with a new secret ingredient her cookies tasted so good!!!

I decided to make some icing to help her finish them off..

the result:

Now for the game.... each CD features an artist we decided to be the favorite of one of the family members.. your choices for family members are: Angie, Mike, Brylie, Tyken, Mom, Dad, Candi, Me, Erika, Jamie and Jenelle.. good luck guessing!!!

1. Angie Takahashi - Angelatak

2. Osmond Boys - Magic

3. Backstreet Boys

4. The Carpenters


6. Just Once (mike wynes band)

7. The Osmonds

8. Dreamstreet

9. Jonas Brothers

10. The Backyardigans

11. Spice Girls - Spice world

The Answers!
1. Tyken's choice of music is his mom
2. Candi loves the Osmond Boys

3. I am a huge BSB fan

4. Karen Carpenter is one of moms favorites

5. Jamie loves to be ABBA's dancing queen6. Angie had a crush on mike when he was in Just Once
7. Dad LOVES the osmonds

8. Erika says "yeah" about Dreamstreet

9. OKay we all love the Jonas Brothers, but for this game, jenelle was the correct answer10. Brylie is a huge fan of the backyardigans
11. Mike likes the spice girls.. or at least he used to have a huge crush on ginger spice

Thanks for playing!

Dad was eating his cookie and decided that it looked like a smile. bahahaha!


.Ang. said...

I got most of those right!!

Except I like magic too.

and i think dad REALY likes abba and the jobros as well

Those are sweet!!!

I love them!

Anonymous said...

i did a good job hey! thanks for all the help alana. but i feel kinda baad for Candi because all day at church Candi was looking forward to coming home and icing the cookies, but the job was saved for alana and i. so i am very sorry Candi maybe nexted time. she looked very disapointed, like someone just told her that stuffed animals are called stuffed animals not stuffed up animals:D

Anonymous said...

WOW! What a great idea for a family game. I say family because I wouldn't be able to match any of them .
How was ERika.s talk today? Sorry we missed it.

jaQ-ee said...

i love the ICING!!! Sweet colors. And all the cookies look hot. Wish I could eat them with you.

ps. I like angie best

Anonymous said...

Hey Janelle, those were pretty cool cookies! They should have used them in Camp Rock. Chay

Great job on the cookies, very impressed! I got your Dad's right and Brylie's but I wasn't absolutely sure on the others. I was right on your Mom's too but I wouldn't have put money on it.

Again, never a dull moment at the Takahashi home...

Auntie Wilma

kandicejill said...

Those are the CUTEST cookies I have EVER seen in my life. I wanna come over and help next time you make some. Those are seriously adorable and look absolutely scrumptious. I bet they taste even better! You Taki girls never cease to amaze me -- your artistic abilities are RIDICULOUSLY never ending!

Sheila said...

Again...Wow...there is way too much energy in that household. I hope some of that energy will rub off to my family when we come to visit this weekend.

The cookies are pretty impressive.

You are all great!

Kaiti said...

you guys are so creative!
i love and miss you!! i will see you in a week

Kaiti said...

you guys are so creative!
i love and miss you!! i will see you in a week

Sonia said...

Love the game . . . I thought I did pretty good. Yah for the OSMONDS!! I love them and even own their anniversary DVD that was made while performing here in Vegas at the Orleans Casino!!!! :-)