Monday, August 4, 2008

so long.. farewell

Little Dallin Kay (who isn't so little anymore) just left this past week for the MTC in Provo. He is going to be serving his mission in Taiwan. We are excited for him! We had a family shindig on the saturday before his non-farewell farewell talk. Uncle Kevin made this signature Chinese food, and his dad helped! it was DELISH!!!

Inspired by Ang, Mom and the girls made these cute little water bottle dallins for the middle of the tables. The nametags and flags were actually REALLY good chocolate! they were cute and such a hit!

We have enjoyed living close to the Kays and love seeing them and we know Dallin is going to do amazing things out there in Taiwan! WE LOVE YOU!

Here is a video of little Addi Quentin. She is so cute and was not sure about the stickers. I told Amelia i would post this video for her. I think its funnier because she finally figures it out and mike (her dad) puts her back to square one!


.Ang. said...

Those bottles turned out SO cute!!! I miss our family dinners!!


Papahashi said...

Alana didn't mention who made the name tags. If you ever want to print some out and wrap them around the chocolates from Costco, I figured out the measurements and now have the template.