Sunday, August 31, 2008

tying up loose ends

So... the summer is just about over. I am now back in Provo. I would be lying if i said i wasn't homesick... cause i am.

Anyways.. my last day at Black and Lee was on Monday. I was glad to finally be done there. I took some pictures so i could always remember it haha.. But really i had no idea just how much goes into Tuxedo and Suit rentals.. we got all our merchandise from BC it would come normally Tuesdays and Wednesdays in boxes like this.
Those days were busy as we had to unload all the stuff and check it all to the orders individually.. put in pocketsquares, cufflinks and button covers, match up shoes and file them all alphabetically and then call the customers.

This is what they all look like in the back hanging up.

After helping SO many customers i now have my favorites.. and sadly i didn't even take a picture of the ones i liked. haha..

After use, customers would bring them back on Mondays.. and we would have to check that everything was returned and remove all the stuff we had put in. That was always GROSS! with the clothes smelling sick and having to touch that nastiness, putting your hands in the pockets to see that they were empty, not knowing what might be in there. sometimes there was puke... and other such gems.

i can't believe i endured four months of that.

That night, as per my request, dad made chinese food for us for dinner. i don't want anyone to get confused, my dad is JAPANESE, so technically everything he makes is japanese food, but he makes some MEAN japanese-chinese food.

Loved every bite of it!

Then i went to a bridal shower on tuesday and hung out with a REALLY old friend after. But check out this pictures of me and some of my besties. Love them.

The night before i left, i had a busy day.. and with my canadian cell phone then disconnected.. it kinda was full of hassles. hahah.. but that night candi had the brilliant idea to make brylie a doll.. with help from all her Aunties that weren't in Hawaii.

We saw this idea on Martha Stewart. A girl makes these dolls and sells them on etsy (well not right now.. she only sells some cool prints right now)

Candi assigned us all jobs and i think she turned out really cute. She's supposed to look like Brylie.

She's kinda cute.

The next morning we went to Picture Butte.. then Lethbridge for my best friends brothers wedding.. which dad performed and did SOO well. And then we had the wedding lunch and then went back to Grandma and Grandpas.. we were joined by the Neilsons later. and i really enjoyed being able to see them (especially Jacqui) before i left the next morning to drive HERE.


.Ang. said...

I miss you!!! i'm feeling homesick right now too..

And just plain SICK. but that's another story!

I love that doll that you guys made!! It makes me happy!!! I need to get a sewing machine so that I can start creating some stuff...And making newborn kits for humanitarian aid..

I'm sad i missed out on the unofficial get together in picture butte! and that i missed out on dads japanese food. :(

I love you sooo much!!!

It was soo good talking to you tonight!


Erika said...

I MISS YOU! I miss everyone. and Like you and Ang, i am homesick... but I am SO glad to have angie and her family here. With everything that is new and different for me, its nice to have a place to go that feels somewhat Like home.
But anyways....

I am so jealous that dad made japanese-chinese food for you before you left. I am definitely going to miss that here. And I can totally relate to how gross it is for people to just give you their dirty clothes to deal with... definitely something I dont miss about my job at all.

The Brylie doll is SO cute. You need to make me one!- I am sad we never got to make out quilts... we will next summer, okay?

We need to talk soon... i need a phone....



Burgess Family said...

Thanks for sharing photos from your summer job...checking pockets...yuk...but what an adventure.

Your Dad's cooking...I didn't realize he was so good.

And I missed out on the doll I will have to check out Martha Stewarts website.

Have fun back in Utah...and behave yourself.

We love you

jaQ-ee said...

That doll is so awesome!! And it definitely looks like Brylie. I'm going to have to go to Auntie Sheila's house when she starts making them.
I'm so glad I got to see you again before you left. That was the best surprise ever! Talk to you soon....LOVE YOU

KandyJill said...

Dude that Doll is SO cute! You Taki's are SO FREAKIN TALENTED -- I don't know of anyone who can make stuff as cute as you girls do! Love it. Miss you already but see you soon :D

Nicole Breanne said...

That doll is SO cute!! I love it!

I wish I could have been there for Ryan and Camilla's wedding, I bet your Dad was fabulous!

I miss you tons... I can't believe how fast summer has crept up on us.

Love you tons!

Wilma said...

I agree with everyone else, that doll is so cute! Great job. And like Auntie Sheila, I'm impressed with your Dad's cooking. I knew that he could cook and have experienced it but that looked like quite the spread. I was thinking "how come he can cook like that when I helped with more of the cooking at home?" But then I remembered, I think it must have been his time in Japan...

I'll call you.

Auntie Wilma

Wilma said...

I meant to ask, what did you mean by "really" old friend? The friend is very advanced in age, or has been a friend for a very long time? Just curious...