Tuesday, September 30, 2008

i am just so lucky

I came home from spending 12 hours today on campus.. and what do i come home to? a newly decorated apartment. My roommate Michelle's mom came and made our apartment finally feel like home! I am just so grateful for her.. decorating, getting us some necessary cleaning supplies AND leaving treats for us too. I was waiting to put up pictures of my apt up til it looked really cute.. and i think it does now! I am just so grateful still!

i had to put up the last picture, because it reminds me of a halloween decoration that Cindy Pratt always puts up that says "A real witch lives here" and kandice and i always got such a kick out of it.

What a great start to a great year. This is my year!

Monday, September 29, 2008

how could you not miss this?

its easy to sometimes feel alone, and to think about what you miss when you are away from most of your family going to school. growing up is hard, so many decisions to make and so much worry about what is the right choice... i sometimes wish that i could go back in time to my younger days.

Alana of the past: I was quite the crazy little girl. I don't really remember this as much as i have seen in it in home videos. I loved to be in the spotlight, even sometimes pushing people out of the camera frame. I loved to make up songs and sing them most had the lyrics "yes my friend" and i tried so hard to be just like my older sisters; so i loved the osmond boys, learned the songs they learned in choir and tried to be grown up like them. I couldn't keep a secret and couldn't lie, which made shopping for birthdays and other such events with me not so great. And i loved the power rangers.

i feel like so much has changed since then.. but i still want to be just like my older sisters and i am not so great at lying. I don't make up songs anymore my friends, but i do love lyrics of songs and have tried to help Angie write her songs. I don't like to be in the spotlight but i don't like to be looked over either. its been years since i've watched power rangers.

i don't really know where i am going with this.. but i just was feeling a little homesick/family sick tonight. it made me think about how i wish i was at home.. but how no matter what now, there are things i need to do in my life and it will never be easy.. so to help me get over this i want to change my feelings into ones of gratitude... which will just help you to understand.. how could i not miss this? my family that is

I am so grateful for my Dad.. i give him a hard time sometime, but i really love him a lot and look up to him with awe and amazement. I know that he would give me whatever i needed, and not just me, my sisters and my mom too. He is constantly serving all of us, and now the ward too. I know he is a great Bishop, i was nervous as to how his calling would affect me and it has made me love him so much more, and look up to him more. He as taught me so much through his quiet example. He is so amazing, and funny and i love to read his blog and i miss his cooking. People have told me many times how much they like my dad, or how good and cool he is.. i know, i just don't like to always admit it! And even though my dad is always bugging me about only dating canadians he needs to know that no guy will be able to live up to him.. and i will always be his little girl.
(I neglected to post this picture this summer.. my dad turned out not-so-nice grass in the front to the greenest healthiest lawn on the street. )

I am so grateful for my mom. She truly is an amazing lady! She is always serving others.. ALWAYS. I remember thinking that my mom didn't know how to say no to anyone, she was always doing things for others. She has taught me so many important things about life, from how to clean, cook to how to be a good mother, friend and serve others. She can play the piano, sew most anything and sings beautifully. This summer i had the opportunity to go on walks with her most mornings. I wasn't always ready to talk at that time, but i enjoyed everything we talked about and she told me. The transition from your mom being your mom to your friend is amazing! She is always encouraging me, and knows exactly what to say. Her notes that she has sent me or left me over the years are treasures! Thanks mom! i am excited to see you this weekend!

I am so grateful for my sister Candi. I had the chance to work a bunch of jobs with her and we grew really close. She helped me get transitioned into the singles ward and let her friends be my friends. We have had SO many good times together and i am sure we will have many more. We love all the same TV shows and she is a good person to get advice from, she is always honest with me and is a great workout partner. She is musical and is so smart. I laugh when i think about all the fun times we have had. And no one makes biscuits and gravy or corn fritters like her. We have a lot in common, not to mention the fact that yesterday we both made peanut butter cookies and put chocolate in them.. haha. i am so glad that we have become so close these past couple of years! Thanks for being such a good older sister, someone i can really look up to! i can't wait til you are done nursing and can travel and i can come visit you.

I am so grateful for my sister Angie. We have always had a strong bond. There is a story told about us, when i was just a baby and speaking what babies speak and no one could understand me, but Angie said she could.. and she repeated all the sounds i made word for word (even though they weren't even words). But we have always had that understanding between us. Sharing a room for most of our lives really brought us together. I have always looked up to her and i still do and i am amazed at all the things she does. she is always doing things for others and her kids. Her creativity is amazing and she is the most talented singer/guitar player. She is a great listener as well and we are the best cranium players ever, because we always just know what the other is thinking. I am really missing Angie right now, as she wasn't home this summer.. but we still remain close and i love that! I can't wait to go visit her in just under two months!! yay! thanks for always being there for me.

I am grateful for Mike. Okay sorry.. not the best picture of you, but it was one of the only ones i had of you.. and it made me laugh. So many times mike will make a face like this one and it means "uhh i dont' know if i/you should have said that" hahah. Mike is a funny guy with great taste in music. He really has a good heart and i am so glad that he is married to Angie. He has blessed her life so much and is such a good husband and father. i know he cares about me too and that makes me feel special and he still shares Angie with me! I am so proud of him for working so hard and making their journey in Hawaii possible. Thanks mike!

I am grateful for my sister Erika. We too have always been pretty close. I remember when we were little, people would ask us if we were twins.. haha and i would always wonder if they were stupid. But if people mistook me for Erika now i would be honored. She is SO smart and an amazing musician, she wowed me this past year in her highschool musical! I am so proud of her and i admire so many things about her. We have enjoyed some short road trips together and she is always up for what i have got planned. I miss her lots and i hope that maybe one day we can be roommates, because she too is a great listener and has good insight. She makes smart decisions and really cares about others! She is so beautiful and i am lucky to have her as my sister. Thanks Erika!I am grateful for Jamie. Jamie has always been so funny. Her sense of humor has us laughing all the time, she is so witty and is always up to something. Me and her are cuddle buddies and lots of my favorite memories of the summer involve me and her cuddling while watching movies. She impresses me so much with her desire to do whats right and she is very athletic. She is taller than me now, but will always be little JJ to me. i love her so much! I love hanging out with her.. and i am so glad she put all the jonas brother music on my computer, i listen to it and feel closer to all my sisters. I am so excited for Jamie because i know she is going to do some cool things in her life.. and probably a lot of funny stuff along the way. Thanks Jamie!

I am grateful for Jenelle. Jenelle is the baby, and with that she is a lot like my mom-- in the way she serves. She is always doing things for everyone! Being the youngest can't be easy.. i hope that i can be a good example to her, and that she knows how much i love her. She is my little beautician and i love that about her. I have taught her so much of what i learned in cosmetology and i will continue to tell her everything i know. She reminds me of me, because she seems a little boy crazy! She too is smart and i love how in tune she is to our feelings. I am so glad she is my baby sister! Thanks Jenelle!

I am grateful for Brylie. This little girl is the smartest 3 year old i know. My grandpa Anderson called her the wizard i think, and for good reason. She is just so amazing! She remembers so much and has a vivid imagination. I miss hanging out with her, she was always up to coloring, or watching a show with me. I am grateful she let me teach her some of my favorite songs from my youth and i hope she knows how much i miss her and love her. I am so excited to go to the beach with her and have her show me hawaii! She has been such a blessing in my life! Thanks Brylie!

I am grateful for Tyken. This picture was taken probably a week before he went to Hawaii.. and thats how i remember him. Just little in my arms! I have seen pictures and watched him on ichat and he is the cutest little guy ever! he brings me so much joy! i know that i am going to fall more in love with him when i go to hawaii to visit and i can't wait for that! He loves his mom so much and i love that about him! Thanks Tyken!

Well I am grateful for my family!!! I really do feel a lot better now! I miss them.. but i am just so grateful for them! Can't wait to see you all in Hawaii!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

learning about my culture

tonight at work a new exhibit opened that features japanese wood block prints
had all sorts of japanese stuff going on.. sushi and japanese candy (pockey sticks) for free and music and people writing out names and stuff.. i was working but i still enjoyed it a bit and took some pictures on my cell phone.
walking around the museum i kept seeing people that could be family.. that might have been at one of my dads family reunions.. and it made me feel happy, and miss home a bit!
i knew i should have worn my kimono to work today.

who can guess what i got them to write? she got excited when i told her i knew what it meant.

today has been a rollercoaster and started REALLy early this morning at the temple. Then i baked some banana muffins and got ready for work and school. Its nice when you can look back on your day and see what you have actually done!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

thats what friends are for

Last night Kaiti, Sara and I went to the temple. We only got to do confirmations but it was so much fun to go together. We are going back tomorrow morning at 6:30 to be able to do everything!

(The shadow of all of us holding hands)

After we did get nacho's from TWO local mexican places... and we did what we always do when we are together: laughed and laughed!

Monday, September 22, 2008

an anteater eating

kaiti and I decided that it was about time we had some people over. and we decided to use her chocolate fountain, we were sure that even if people didn't come to hang out with us, they would surely come for some chocolate.

Above is a picture of kaiti and our roommate Ashlee getting the chocolate ready. Mmm..

As seen in previous posts, Aunty Sharon is always making apple swans... so i tried my ahnd at it, as she has taught me many times how to do it... it still needs some work.

I never did get a good group picture of everyone that was there.. but i'd say we had about 20 people come over throughout the night- which was obviously a good turn out for our first sunday dessert night

We played some really fun games, one i hadn't played before, but really is a good time. One person is "it", and they have to stand with their back to the group, then everyone gets numbered off without letting "it" know their numbers. Then the person that is it calls out a number and an animal sound, "number 9 i want to hear a roaring lion", "number 2 i want to hear a mouse eating cheese" etc. Then "it" has to guess who made the sound, if they guess correctly, the person that made the sound is the new "it".
Hopefully this year will be full of lots of parties and people coming over (and studying and doing homework.. don't worry) But I do want to carry on my Dad's tradition from school of having POOP parties (pig out on pies) so its nice to know that there are people that will actually come out... i guess i am always happy to when there is food involved.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

look what came in the mail...

I got the cutest postcard from Brylie J Wynes.  

It reads
To: Alana

Love you! I don't know why you are in Utah still.. Now i know what you are going to do tomorrow (you are going to eat some supper) you have to go to the sunset and beach soon!

Love Brylie

It was such a pleasant surprise and i am so glad that i have such a great neice that is so cool and sends me postcards.  Thank you Brylie!  I miss you lots and i am excited to come visit you and go with you to the beach and sunset and laugh with you and for you to find me a boyfriend.. you said you know some! thats promising!

And thanks to her wonderful mom.. who i am sure makes it all happen!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Nicole!

After the football game on saturday, Uncle Dave picked me up and took me back to Salt Lake with him so I could be there to help celebrate Nicole's 17th Birthday. We went to Bonsai that night and enjoyed some Japanese food. It was good!!! My camera was dead, so i need to get the pictures from Auntie Wilma...
On Sunday Nicole and I made cookies and Auntie Wilma made some coconut cream cupcakes.. which are SOO good! and for dinner we had the BEST kabobs. I am serious! I beat chay in some Yahtzee Turbo and watched some CSI with nicole (we always do this and fall asleep) and i let blade jump on me. Hopefully she enjoyed her birthday.. i know i did! It was good to finally see the Gathers again after being away from them this summer. Thanks for having me.. Its always a good time!

And what did nicole get for her birthday?? Well looks like she's coming to Hawaii this November with us! YAY!!!

white shirt on sunday.. blue shirt on game day.

so i've been told.. BYU cougar fans wear Blue (as the title of this post indicates.. i did see many people sporting a shirt with the post title phrase on it)
For the big UCLA vs. BYU game.. i had to wear a white shirt.. blue pants and my trusty radio. To get my job at the Museum back (as a security guard) i had to agree to work security at the football games. This was not something i was looking forward to AT ALL for a couple of reasons A) LOTS of people would be seeing me in my security get up B)i wanted to be at the game with my friends C)i had to be there 4 and a half hours before the game and stay after.. making for ONE long game and D) i had no idea what i was supposed to be doing, where to go or what to do.. But i needed my job back, desperate times call for desperate measures and so i decided to try to work the uniform the best i could and i agreed to take on BYU football.

i didn't really want to be lugging things around with me while i was on the job (remember i didn't really know what the job entailed when i started) and so i didn't have my camera.. so all these pictures were taken on my cell phone..which explains the lack of quality.

So.. my pre-game post: Lot 3 I stood at the entrance to this parking lot for about 4 hours... there were two entrances to this lot, and mine happened to be the one that no one knew about.. so the job was easy. It was pretty hot out.. but luckily the police officers and supervisors were driving around with water bottles the entire time keeping us well hydrated. I didn't mind this part of the job at all.. no one got mad at me for not being able to park there and for the lot not opening until 11:30 and with all the tailgate parties around i just listened to music.. and got some free pizza from the brick oven girl.. Not bad.. not bad at all.

See.. i look pretty happy. (my hair is a little crazy)

And this is why.. i got to watch all the BYU players enter the stadium. They come on two buses, one for offense and one for defense. but now that i think about it.. the offense bus came twice.. i don't know what that means. but it was good scenery anyways.. and i am now left wondering where all the hotties from the team are hanging out.. cause there were LOTS of them.

Game Post: Portal A

After some confusion on where i was to go next, i met with an officer and got my post. Portal A. Its on the lower concourse.. and what do i have to do? Pretty much stay out of peoples sight when the ball is in play and when it is out of play.. walk around a little bit and keep my eyes on the crowd. So i watch the game. (which was a HUGE win for BYU.. and everyone thought it would be close) Portal A just happens ot be in the SW corner of the stadium and about 5 rows from the field. Well the officer asked me if i had eaten yet ( i had heard they feed the security at the games but i hadn't witnessed it yet) and i said no.. and so i went back to the police and first aid area.. where there were tables set up and TONS of student security gaurds and officers... and enjoying a nice lunch of PF Changs. It was SOO good. i guess every week is something different. I can get used to the free food. after lunch it was back to portal A

That sign says "Entering the field Prohibited" i guess because you can't really see what the sign says.. it kind of isn't good evidence to how close i was to the field. But really i was CLOSE!
ITs kind of nice going there in uniform because i could wander anywhere and no one ever said anything to me.. at half time i went to where the UCLA players walked out of the stadium. I couldn't believe all the things that the BYU fans were yelling to them.. sure they were having a bad game, but i felt embarassed. It did get pretty hot in the stadium.. i heard it was like 89 degrees in their.. with my long sleeved shirt on i was boiling and so i was glad when the game was almost over and i was called back to my post-game post in the shade.

Post-game post: Lot 3 Again. yepp just hung out in the shade while people left. The traffic gaurds had to actually direct traffic, and even had the white gloves, but me... i am not allowed to do that, so i was on pedestrian control.. and then allowed to go because the pedestrians knew when a car was coming and not coming.

So.. i get paid, get cold water all day, free GOOD food, and get to watch the game? not too bad.

Frequently Asked Questions:
1. So what do you do if something happens while you are working?
answer: Use my discretion.. if i can handle the problem myself, handle it.. but if it really is something big.. i call for back up.
2. Do you have to use the ten codes when on the radio?
answer: 10-4. okay well i don't have to, but it makes things easier if i do.. its easier to say 25 me than to say come and meet me.. and to understand the talk on the radios knowing those can make life a lot easier.
3. How much do you get paid?
This is a painful question for me to answer.. i don't get paid that much. I am part of the lowest paid security division on BYU campus. It comes out to a measely 13 cents a minute. oh yah that sounds great but its about 7.60/hour before the taxes come off.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

isn't it strange the way things can change

This is me right now. In the library... taking a break from homework. I have been at school since i started work at 7 am-10am. I had lunch with Brandon Comfort (from home) and we came to the library where i have been ever since. I think this is my home away from home .. which only means one thing: school has begun.

I got to start school twice this year. Or at least thats how it feels. I went to school last wednesday and then got to fill my hunger for Canada and drove back over the border wednesday night.. or i mean early thursday morning. My old roommates mom had passed away from cancer, and so me and courtney (another old roommate) and her friend Robyn went for a quick trip. Thanks to Grandma Anderson for providing me with accomodations and delicious food from her garden. I forget how good food is when its fresh.

The trip was short, exhausting and life-changing. There is something so unique and special about the spirit that can be felt at a funeral and around the loved ones of whoever it is that has passed on. Brett had a peace about her that i am stil in awe about. Her and her family are so sure about why we are here, and where we are going.. and that families are together forever. She has an understanding about the gospel that i want. I am so glad i was able to go and be a part of all of it. I am so grateful for her and the friend she has always been to me, and for her mom and the great person she was and is. Life has taken on new meaning.

We went to waterton on friday.. and the weather wasnt too bad.. we did have sweats and hoodies on though. We just climbed up through red-rock a bit and courtney was happy to see a bear and even some mountain sheep. We went for a bike ride through town and i was overwhelmed again at just how beautiful Waterton is.

that night we went to the legendary comets football game. Craig and Blair were playing so i was lucky enough to see them, Aunty SHaron, Grandma and Grandpa takahashi for a bit. Aunty sharon was taking stuff from grandma and grandpa's and this is her and grandpa working together below.

And this is my dad helping.. BAHAHAH..
So i got back sunday night and started school again yesterday.

I need to take some pictures of my new apartment.. living with my best friends is fun... and i finally got groceries last night. YAY! my classes are good.. but my work schedule isn't so hot right now.. but at least i have a job.

Aunty Wilma, i know you are reading this.. and i want to see you and your family soon. We will have to work something out around my work schedule!