Monday, September 22, 2008

an anteater eating

kaiti and I decided that it was about time we had some people over. and we decided to use her chocolate fountain, we were sure that even if people didn't come to hang out with us, they would surely come for some chocolate.

Above is a picture of kaiti and our roommate Ashlee getting the chocolate ready. Mmm..

As seen in previous posts, Aunty Sharon is always making apple swans... so i tried my ahnd at it, as she has taught me many times how to do it... it still needs some work.

I never did get a good group picture of everyone that was there.. but i'd say we had about 20 people come over throughout the night- which was obviously a good turn out for our first sunday dessert night

We played some really fun games, one i hadn't played before, but really is a good time. One person is "it", and they have to stand with their back to the group, then everyone gets numbered off without letting "it" know their numbers. Then the person that is it calls out a number and an animal sound, "number 9 i want to hear a roaring lion", "number 2 i want to hear a mouse eating cheese" etc. Then "it" has to guess who made the sound, if they guess correctly, the person that made the sound is the new "it".
Hopefully this year will be full of lots of parties and people coming over (and studying and doing homework.. don't worry) But I do want to carry on my Dad's tradition from school of having POOP parties (pig out on pies) so its nice to know that there are people that will actually come out... i guess i am always happy to when there is food involved.


.Ang. said...

mm that looks delightful!!!

ANd i love the picture with 2 of my most favorite guys in it!! :)

We'll have to do some chocolate dipping fun when you guys are here!!! SERIOUSLY!!!


Burgess Family said...

Pretty impressive...the party and all...and especially the apple swan.
Gee... did I teach you anything?

Thanks for sharing your fun times with us.

Lana Dawn said...

of course Aunty Shelia- you have a lot about pictures, how you can never take too many, and you should always be taking some!

Sharon said...

Excellent job on the swan. . . it actually looks like a swan. Happy to see that I was able to teach you something. Keep having fun at school.

Candice said...

ang - are your 2 favorite guys scottie and brandon?

- candi

Anonymous said...

or were you talking about Rocky and 2 pac?

.Ang. said...

I guess my favorite 5 guys!

Scotty,brandon, 2pac, snoop dogg and Edward scissorhands

jaQ-ee said...

I love this. I dont even know how to do the swan!! Haha. Good work. That is one nice fruit platter. I wish I could've been there. I just pretended I was trying to hold a banana piece underneath it (cuz that is obviously the best) and then to my mouth, but I mostly just got chocolate all over me. BUT, I was prepared and wore a bib. So no worries. Thanks for the fondue alana. It was delicious.

About that game. That is so weird because I just played that game for the first time in my life last week at fhe. It was a little different though but not much. The "it" person was blindfolded and everyone was in a circle. "It" had to find someone...then identify who they are based on an animal sound. It was used as a get-to-know-you game when nobody knew each others names even when they COULD see them, so it didn't work out so well.

jaQ-ee said...

ps - you're sooo hot. I would date you.

Erika said...

That looks like so much fun. I wish we could do stuff like that here, but we dont have a room where we can hangout and eat or cook!
I agree with ang.. when you come there will be some serious chocolate dipping!

jaQ-ee said...

ALANA!!! I just noticed the GINORMOUS poster of James Franco's face on your wall!! I'm coming to steal it in the middle of the night!

Just kidding. If it is missing one morning it wasn't me. Who tells someone they are going to steal something and then actually does it???? ..... ;)

Seriously though, WHERE DID YOU GET IT!?!

kandicejill said...

I wish I was there -- that looks like it was a lot of fun and that chocolate fountain looks divinneee! Here's the deal... I'm coming there for conference, and then you guys need to come here the week after! Yes? My mom will be in town then too! :D Anyway, glad to hear your having an awesome time. I may have to use your idea for the POOP party because that is absolutely hilarious. Mmm. I love you.