Tuesday, September 30, 2008

i am just so lucky

I came home from spending 12 hours today on campus.. and what do i come home to? a newly decorated apartment. My roommate Michelle's mom came and made our apartment finally feel like home! I am just so grateful for her.. decorating, getting us some necessary cleaning supplies AND leaving treats for us too. I was waiting to put up pictures of my apt up til it looked really cute.. and i think it does now! I am just so grateful still!

i had to put up the last picture, because it reminds me of a halloween decoration that Cindy Pratt always puts up that says "A real witch lives here" and kandice and i always got such a kick out of it.

What a great start to a great year. This is my year!


Erika said...

Your place is SO nice, I can't even believe it. I really wish I could decorate my room because it just doesn't feel like home. I can now Identify with Harry Potter because I live in a cupboard...
I love the festive halloween decorations and when i saw that sign I totally though of Cindy Pratt too.

hybridge said...

This Mom wants to thank Michelle's mom for being there for my daughter. Alana, I am so glad you could come home to a "new" place and other things to brighten your day. I am excited to see it!
Love your updates!
Love you!

.Ang. said...

the house looks awesome! Love the halloween decor! it TOTALLY reminds me of Cindy Pratt!!!

kandicejill said...

Hahahahaha I laughed out loud so hard when I saw that last one because I immediately thought of Cindy... and then you commented on that! Haha ooh goodness. What a funny woman! You're place is SO cute! I'm so sad I didn't get to see you this weekend and stop by your place. :( Did you have a good conference weekend?