Thursday, September 25, 2008

learning about my culture

tonight at work a new exhibit opened that features japanese wood block prints
had all sorts of japanese stuff going on.. sushi and japanese candy (pockey sticks) for free and music and people writing out names and stuff.. i was working but i still enjoyed it a bit and took some pictures on my cell phone.
walking around the museum i kept seeing people that could be family.. that might have been at one of my dads family reunions.. and it made me feel happy, and miss home a bit!
i knew i should have worn my kimono to work today.

who can guess what i got them to write? she got excited when i told her i knew what it meant.

today has been a rollercoaster and started REALLy early this morning at the temple. Then i baked some banana muffins and got ready for work and school. Its nice when you can look back on your day and see what you have actually done!


.Ang. said...



.Ang. said...

Erika, eatotakimas, Erika.

hahahhaha Good times

Love you Jenelle

.Ang. said...

I forgot to comment on the pictures.


I always feel the same way when i go anywhere and see a middle-aged Japanese man that speaks perfect english wearing an aloha shirt!!! or anyone japanese really. It makes me miss family, but at the same time i don't feel TOO homesick cause it's almost like I've got a stand in for everyone!


Ok... I'm done.

I love you!!!

Judy said...

You are making each day a day of worth. I am so happy for your amazing goodness.

How cool to be able to learn about your culture. Thanks for keeping us updated with your blog...loved the pictures!

Love you tons!!!

Wilma said...

Domo! It sounds like it was a fun shift at work for you.

Sounds you've been busy and doing a lot of great things.

How were the nachos? ...I love nachos...

Papahashi said...

That looked like fun Alana. You half fit in.

Is Angie saying I got perfect english - or is it some other middle-aged Japanese guy wearing an aloha shirt?

Wilma loves those Japanese Nachos. Good thing she didn't say tacos because in Japanese taco means octopus.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures.Its great when you can see Kimonos and Japanese people and some of their culture first hand. without having to make a special trip to Japan or some special location.
We may see you sometime-- had a change of plans-but will be down in Utah Oct sometime,
Love you Grandmabashi