Wednesday, September 17, 2008

look what came in the mail...

I got the cutest postcard from Brylie J Wynes.  

It reads
To: Alana

Love you! I don't know why you are in Utah still.. Now i know what you are going to do tomorrow (you are going to eat some supper) you have to go to the sunset and beach soon!

Love Brylie

It was such a pleasant surprise and i am so glad that i have such a great neice that is so cool and sends me postcards.  Thank you Brylie!  I miss you lots and i am excited to come visit you and go with you to the beach and sunset and laugh with you and for you to find me a boyfriend.. you said you know some! thats promising!

And thanks to her wonderful mom.. who i am sure makes it all happen!


.Ang. said...

YAY! i'm glad you got it!

are you excited to come see the sunset and the beach?!?!


Nicole Breanne said...

OH MY GOODNESS.... that is SO cute. Brylie is the cutest little girl ever.. although we can hardly call her little now!!

I miss you Alana, let's go to the beach together and have Brylie find us boyfriends, what do ya say?

Love you.

kandicejill said...

that is so precious. i'm quite jealous too. i wanna come to hawaii with ya!