Monday, September 15, 2008

white shirt on sunday.. blue shirt on game day.

so i've been told.. BYU cougar fans wear Blue (as the title of this post indicates.. i did see many people sporting a shirt with the post title phrase on it)
For the big UCLA vs. BYU game.. i had to wear a white shirt.. blue pants and my trusty radio. To get my job at the Museum back (as a security guard) i had to agree to work security at the football games. This was not something i was looking forward to AT ALL for a couple of reasons A) LOTS of people would be seeing me in my security get up B)i wanted to be at the game with my friends C)i had to be there 4 and a half hours before the game and stay after.. making for ONE long game and D) i had no idea what i was supposed to be doing, where to go or what to do.. But i needed my job back, desperate times call for desperate measures and so i decided to try to work the uniform the best i could and i agreed to take on BYU football.

i didn't really want to be lugging things around with me while i was on the job (remember i didn't really know what the job entailed when i started) and so i didn't have my camera.. so all these pictures were taken on my cell phone..which explains the lack of quality.

So.. my pre-game post: Lot 3 I stood at the entrance to this parking lot for about 4 hours... there were two entrances to this lot, and mine happened to be the one that no one knew about.. so the job was easy. It was pretty hot out.. but luckily the police officers and supervisors were driving around with water bottles the entire time keeping us well hydrated. I didn't mind this part of the job at all.. no one got mad at me for not being able to park there and for the lot not opening until 11:30 and with all the tailgate parties around i just listened to music.. and got some free pizza from the brick oven girl.. Not bad.. not bad at all.

See.. i look pretty happy. (my hair is a little crazy)

And this is why.. i got to watch all the BYU players enter the stadium. They come on two buses, one for offense and one for defense. but now that i think about it.. the offense bus came twice.. i don't know what that means. but it was good scenery anyways.. and i am now left wondering where all the hotties from the team are hanging out.. cause there were LOTS of them.

Game Post: Portal A

After some confusion on where i was to go next, i met with an officer and got my post. Portal A. Its on the lower concourse.. and what do i have to do? Pretty much stay out of peoples sight when the ball is in play and when it is out of play.. walk around a little bit and keep my eyes on the crowd. So i watch the game. (which was a HUGE win for BYU.. and everyone thought it would be close) Portal A just happens ot be in the SW corner of the stadium and about 5 rows from the field. Well the officer asked me if i had eaten yet ( i had heard they feed the security at the games but i hadn't witnessed it yet) and i said no.. and so i went back to the police and first aid area.. where there were tables set up and TONS of student security gaurds and officers... and enjoying a nice lunch of PF Changs. It was SOO good. i guess every week is something different. I can get used to the free food. after lunch it was back to portal A

That sign says "Entering the field Prohibited" i guess because you can't really see what the sign says.. it kind of isn't good evidence to how close i was to the field. But really i was CLOSE!
ITs kind of nice going there in uniform because i could wander anywhere and no one ever said anything to me.. at half time i went to where the UCLA players walked out of the stadium. I couldn't believe all the things that the BYU fans were yelling to them.. sure they were having a bad game, but i felt embarassed. It did get pretty hot in the stadium.. i heard it was like 89 degrees in their.. with my long sleeved shirt on i was boiling and so i was glad when the game was almost over and i was called back to my post-game post in the shade.

Post-game post: Lot 3 Again. yepp just hung out in the shade while people left. The traffic gaurds had to actually direct traffic, and even had the white gloves, but me... i am not allowed to do that, so i was on pedestrian control.. and then allowed to go because the pedestrians knew when a car was coming and not coming.

So.. i get paid, get cold water all day, free GOOD food, and get to watch the game? not too bad.

Frequently Asked Questions:
1. So what do you do if something happens while you are working?
answer: Use my discretion.. if i can handle the problem myself, handle it.. but if it really is something big.. i call for back up.
2. Do you have to use the ten codes when on the radio?
answer: 10-4. okay well i don't have to, but it makes things easier if i do.. its easier to say 25 me than to say come and meet me.. and to understand the talk on the radios knowing those can make life a lot easier.
3. How much do you get paid?
This is a painful question for me to answer.. i don't get paid that much. I am part of the lowest paid security division on BYU campus. It comes out to a measely 13 cents a minute. oh yah that sounds great but its about 7.60/hour before the taxes come off.


Anonymous said...

Yay Alana!!!
Enjoyed the update!
Love, Mom

Wilma said...

You look quite official in that uniform of yours (you make the uniform look good) and it sounds like you pulled off your first game quite well. And the important thing is that you found out about the free food before it was too late!