Thursday, October 23, 2008

keep it going

OHhh.. i just got TAGGED by Angie.. because she says she LOVES MY BLOG. Yayy

1. Where is your cell phone? on the table beside me
2. Where is your significant other? ... i don't have one
3. Your hair color? so bad right now. i need to dye it.
4. Your mother? where is she? or who is she? my mom is Judy. She came and visited me earlier this month.. it was a lot of fun
5. Your father? cries a lot since becomming the bishop
6. Your favorite thing? waking up in the morning RIGHT before the alarm goes off, feeling rested
7. Your dream last night? i don't remember it..
8. Your dream/goal? Fall in love

9. The room you're in? HBLL.. harold b. lee library. i spend a lot of time here.. they may start charging me rent
10.Your hobby? cooking.. actually more BAKINg lately.. i want to learn some guitar though and paint some canvases i have laying around...
11. Your fear? i really don't like masks i just realized this week.
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? hmm i will be 26. i want to be on a beach?
13. Where were you last night? got some GOOD sushi and then went to Target with Courtney.. i love target
14. What you're not? sure about this question
15. One of your wish-list items? knowing what i am going to do with my life
16. Where you grew up? Calgary Alberta Canada
17. The last thing you ate? wheat thins and a cheese string
18. What are you wearing?bottom to top - shoes, socks, jeans, shirt, hoodie and 2 rings (whith are at the top if my arms are above my head
19. Your TV? interesting.. we have 3 tvs in our living room. mom brought me one, but then a friend is lending me his with a DVD player in it.
20. Your pet? peeve? people tlaking REALLY loudly in the 'shhh zone' of the library.. go to the 'no shhh zone'
21. Your computer? needs some repairs.. the disk drive doens't work
22. Your mood? tired
23. Missing someone? always
24. Your car? ... don't have one of these either
25. Something you're not wearing? deodorant.

26. Favorite store? i like target.. and costco.
27. Your summer? too short and yet too long
28. Love someone? yess
29. Your favorite color? mostly blue's and pinks.. and i like black and white, but everyone always says "those aren't real colors"
30. When is the last time you laughed? 2 minutes ago at something sara said
31. Last time you cried? two nights ago maybe...???

I pass the "I Love Your Blog Award!!" to:

Kandice Jill
Erika May
Jacqui Rae

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy 20th Kaiti!

Today is my best friend and roommates birthday! I hope it is a good one for her!

Kaiti and i have known eachother for as long as i can remember (really since she moved into our ward when we were 3.. but i don't remember before that)

We have been through everything together... elementary.. thatawkward 12 year old phase of life, junior high, highschool and now university

she is constantly making me smile and always being such a good example to me, i look up to her so much

She is such a good friend. she is always listening to my problems and there for me.

I can't imagine my life in Utah without her.. and i wouldn't want to.
(The above picture is from her birthday celebration last year) Kaiti is so genuine and understanding and always gives everyone a fair chance

i hope she knows just how amazing she is and how many people love her and look up to her

I am so proud of her and all she accomplishes and wants to accomplish. i know she could have the world if she wanted it.
we have so many pictures together... and if you can't tell by looking we have had lots of fun times

we were the toiletpapering queens for so long.. and always boy crazy. ALWAYS SO BOY CRAZY!
kaiti has an amazing singing voice and some of our best memories are brought to mind by all the songs we have loved over the years!

Well kaiti.. i sure love you!

i know this next year will only bring you more happiness and more memories... and pictures!HOPE YOU HAVE A FABULOUS BIRTHDAY!

Thanks for everything you do!

chicken enchiladas

it is no secret to me that Auntie Wilma makes the best chicken enchiladas.

I called her yesterday to get her recipe so i could make them today! and they turned out SOO good! i think hers are better, must be all the TLC she puts into them. but i still loved them! thanks Auntie Wilma.. any other good recipes, just send em my way!

i wish i had a picture of them.. but i forgot to take one, i was just TOO hungry! and they looked just TOO good! and i made lots so i would have some leftovers.. yumm

But really i wanted to say thank you to Auntie Wilma and her family for ALL they have and do continue to do for me! its so nice to know that if i need them they are there for me, from recipes to weekend get-a-ways it has been such a blessing in my life!!! i love my time spent with them and i have learned so much from them! I am so lucky to have such great family!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

desperate times call for desperate measures.. i guess

I am still thinking about my physical science lab today. The opposite sex at BYU hit a new all time low today. I worry that someone reading my blog might read and think, "now that is a great idea." let me tell you right now.. its not. not at all. do not do what i am about to tell you. it is just a little creepy and over the top. I guess it did catch some attention though...

We are sitting in our lab, and i am sitting behind this girl.. lets call her Jenna, we are in the back of the room close to the door. In walks a guy.. i didn't get a good look at him, and he reaches past me and puts something on Jenna's desk. and leaves quickly. Jenna turns to get a good look at him and doesn't see what he looks like either.

What did he put on her desk? A cell phone. I asked her if it was hers.. and she was like "no, i have never seen this phone before in my life" and then i asked her if she knew him and she didn't but she also didn't get a good look at him. Well soon the phone starts buzzing.. and gets a new text message.. and then another and another. we were trying to figure out who's phone it was so she opens it and the text message opens when she does and it says something like, "hello please read this!" and this guy starts texting her! He starts telling her how he thinks she's a total babe and he watched her walk into the room. And i start freaking out WITH HER! He was texting her from his friends phone and we had his friends name so we looked him up on facebook.. not cute. she asked him what his name was and he told her and so we tried to find him on facebook.. but couldn't. and he asked her if she wanted his name for a restraining order. WEIRD RIGHT?? well he keeps texting her and she stops texting him back. We both decided that any guy that does that is not a guy that we want to be potentially dating.

but we soon realize that she is going to HAVE to see him to give him his phone back.. i am sure that he had already thought of that. we thought of just leaving the phone there, but guilt got the best of jenna. And curiousity. So class ends, and she asked me to stay with her.. which i gladly did, and we try to call this guys friend.. and THE PHONE DIES. we keep trying and the phone would ring 2 times and then die. she didn't want him to have her number, but eventually she had to call him from her phone. When she got a hold of him he asked her if she was weirded out.. she lied and said that she just thought it was 'interesting' that "nothing like that has ever happened before'. he was so glad that it didn't scare her off and was glad to finally learn her name (creepy) and told her that he saw her walk by and new he only had one chance and he needed to take advantage of it etc etc etc. Well i had to get to class and she was meeting up with another girlfriend and then was going to give this character his phone back. she will update me as soon as we see each other again. i will update this as soon as i get the info

that is where my story ends. who knows... maybe he was some dream boat. but we couldnt' find him on facebook.. who doesn't have facebook??? hahah.. but really, she was creeped out and i was and he wasn't even trying to talk to me.

the thing is.. something like that would ONLY happen at byu.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

bringing branbury's best back together

Having new roommates this year and living in a new complex has made me miss some of the good friends i made last year. After some planning i decided to key in on what i was thankful for, and decided to bring some of my old friends all back together again to help me celebrate canadian thanksgiving!

Courtney and i created these invitations.. with a poem and some treats we knew our friends wouldn't be able to turn it down. we were right.

I bought a turkey in a bag and it was really easy to cook. i was most nervous about that... then on sunday after church i made some mashed potato's , cooked some gravy, corn and carrots and cleaned up a little bit. Saturday night i had spent making some pies.. which i think turned out okay. The rest of the pictures are self explanatory.. i hope you can read the captions.. i think if you click on the pictures they will get bigger.

After feeling under the weather saturday night and sunday i was tempted to call the dinner off. I am realy glad i didn't though. This group gives me so much to be thankful for!

I was sad that Kaiti couldn't be there to enjoy dinner with us.. but she had Alexa's birthday to celebrate with her own family! so i guess it is okay.

i just always feel so overwhelmed by all that i have to be grateful for. I am so blessed! i have the most amazing roommates and best friends. People to help and support me in whatever i do.. and a Heavenly Father who is always teaching me that his plan for me, although it may not be what i have planned initially, is what i should be doing.


Friday, October 10, 2008


i worked FOUR long months at Black and Lee Tuxedo and Suit Rentals and i am disappointed to have found out that my dad wore this little gem for a friends wedding once, and never mentioned it to me once..

We didn't have that good of looking tuxedo's at Black and Lee.. how could one forget this great fit and the pink bow tie with the wing tip collared shirt?

So, why did he fail to tell me about this???

Thursday, October 9, 2008

mom--- i miss you already

This past week/weekend have been busy and such a blast. i am feeling a little sad that mom left last night.... and its back to the real world for me.

It started early on saturday morning when Uncle Dave picked me up after he got off of work at around 6:30?? i think.. it was early. I went to wilma's and it worked out well because we were able to make it to NPS when it opened. We spent the day shopping and cooking and waiting for Mom to get there.

Chay even did his homework...

Aunty wilma made these delicious turtle inspired Spiders.. me and nicole helped her a bit..

They really did turn out good! better with some black shoestring licorice.. but with nuts, caramel and chocolate can you really go wrong?

we also enjoyed Auntie Wilmas chicken enchilada's.... MMMmm i love those!

on Sunday we all watched conference and then mom and i went to visit her Aunt Lois and Uncle john in Layton. We joined them for dinner and it was so fun to visit with them and to meet my second cousin Kaleb. And of course Aunt Lois's apple pie was worth it too.

Mom came with me back to Provo and we had a sleepover! I just need to say that i LOVED having my mom here visiting. It was just what i needed. Monday morning we went for an early morning run and then i was off to class.. after i was done school we met up with Matt and his cousins and Auntie Marilyn. And we did something mom and i have never done.. MISSIONARY SHOPPING!

It was fun.. but weirdly exhausting even if we didn't do anything.

I think the guy was making fun of the size of matt's pants in this picture.

I liked not having to be the one going in and out of the changeroom.. i felt SOO tired.

That night mom and i went to a movie.. and then out for some pizza. The pizza wasn't as good as i had remembered it being. but the salad was SOO good.

Tuesday i had to work EARLY.. and so i went to work, and afterwards mom and i ran some errands. She took me grocery shopping.. which was JUST what i needed and now i have some supplies to make more asian inspired food like my dad.. and i have a frying pan big enough and utensils to eat with. Thanks again mom! Then we picked up Matt and his cousins and headed to SLC to meet with Auntie Marilyn.

The temple grounds and the temple is just so beautiful. And as we waited in the Joseph Smith building i was in awe at how beautiful it was as well.

Then we went to Chuck-a-rama's. A family favorite.. but maybe not anymore, i agree with nicole and i think that we should stick to chinese gourmet when given the chance.

Chay seemed happy with the drink selection though.

If you read Auntie Wilma's Blog you might have heard about when they brought out the shrimp.. i had to take a picture of it. i ate it even though i wasn't hungry at all. but it was SOO good! (i just realized most of my blog is about the food i eat)

Matt and his mom and his cousins went to the SLC temple and mom and i went for a quick trip to NPS where we ran into some family members. i won't say who, because i already outted them once on a blog. Then we headed back to Provo and went on a nice walk. I love walking with my mom, it reminded me of the walks we went on this summer. It was so nice to have her around to talk to.

Yesterday we went and took matt to the MTC with his family. It was Mom's first time ever doing that... and hopefully not her last! there is a special spirit there and i just know that matt is going to be such a good missionary.. the people in Mexico are lucky!

After we went back to SLC to take mom's rental back and then to the Joseph Smith Movie... which i LOVE!! it was my second time seeing it and it was just as moving as the first time. And it was back to provo with a quick stop at Cafe Rio and then mom and Auntie Marilyn were off to get Matts cousins and head to Aunt Lois' in Layton to drive back today! i hope they drive quickly!

I am just so lucky to have such an amazing mom! i miss her so much Already! having her around was just so nice! i can't wait to be with my whole family in just over 40 days in hawaii!

Thanks again for everything mom!