Tuesday, October 14, 2008

bringing branbury's best back together

Having new roommates this year and living in a new complex has made me miss some of the good friends i made last year. After some planning i decided to key in on what i was thankful for, and decided to bring some of my old friends all back together again to help me celebrate canadian thanksgiving!

Courtney and i created these invitations.. with a poem and some treats we knew our friends wouldn't be able to turn it down. we were right.

I bought a turkey in a bag and it was really easy to cook. i was most nervous about that... then on sunday after church i made some mashed potato's , cooked some gravy, corn and carrots and cleaned up a little bit. Saturday night i had spent making some pies.. which i think turned out okay. The rest of the pictures are self explanatory.. i hope you can read the captions.. i think if you click on the pictures they will get bigger.

After feeling under the weather saturday night and sunday i was tempted to call the dinner off. I am realy glad i didn't though. This group gives me so much to be thankful for!

I was sad that Kaiti couldn't be there to enjoy dinner with us.. but she had Alexa's birthday to celebrate with her own family! so i guess it is okay.

i just always feel so overwhelmed by all that i have to be grateful for. I am so blessed! i have the most amazing roommates and best friends. People to help and support me in whatever i do.. and a Heavenly Father who is always teaching me that his plan for me, although it may not be what i have planned initially, is what i should be doing.



jaQ-ee said...

love it alana. You can teach me how to do all that when we get together!!

how did you write on the pictures?

Erika said...

wow... you are so ambitious! And doing it even when you were sick... you amaze me!

All the food looks great! I can't wait until we can celebrate American thanksgiving here! I vote you make a pie or two!

I love you and I miss you more than words can say! LOVE YOU

KandyJill said...

Okay let me go in order...

LOVE the invitations. You are so precious. For my thanksgiving invites I went the lame facebook route -- yours is much more festive and cute!

Can I just say how utterly impressed I am that you made a turkey dinner! Not kidding. That is so amazing! You are such a champion. I am not nearly that brave enough.

Glad you celebrated with some spirits... every good party needs some -- especially the thanksgiving kind!

Not gonna lie, Blake scares me a little with that knife in his hand and the stunned look on his face. A little bit scary! And I'm SO excited you made Banana Cream Pie! That totally reminds me of the time we made it at your place like almost 2 years ago. Oooh my goodness that was so long ago! Delicious. Looks like it turned our marvelously! We made a bunch too! :D We made about 4 or 5 pies... And you KNOW they were Banana Cream!

I miss Truth or Dare Jenga. I've only played it the once that we played it at Pratt's with Brian Baker. Hahahaha. Did anything exciting or funny happen in ya'lls game?

Glad to hear that you're feeling better. Looks like you guys sure had a fun Thanksgiving!
I love you soo so so much! And I seriously am SO thankful to have you in my life. I really wish we weren't so lazy and actually talked on the phone more or went to see each other more (seeing as we're only 4 hours apart), but I'm so thankful for the friendship we have in that I KNOW that you'll always be there for me. I'm thankful that I don't need that constant reminder that you're my friend... I just know that you're always there for me, and that I'm always there for you. We seriously have been so blessed to be put in each others lives. I don't know what we did right up there, but we have been so so so blessed in our friendship. I love you so much Lana. I'm glad to hear that life is treating you well. Let's break our lazy streak and chit chat this week alright? I love you!

Wilma said...

Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well but I'm glad you're doing better. And the meal looks wonderful! And the fact that you made pie is very impressive! I could use some of Grandma's apple pie...

It looks like a party you could be proud of!

Anonymous said...

You are amazing to put on a Thanksgiving dinner all by yourself. I don't think I would have attempted that when I was your age.
How did the apple pie turn out? I made some apple and some pumpkin pies over the weekend.I have a good Pumpkin pie recipe if you ever need it. I made my left over turkey into turkey stew with lots of vegetables. Made enough for 5 meals for the 2 of us.WE decided to spend a quiet day at home.
I watched the Obama-McCain debate tonight. I find the U.S election entertaining-- like a soap opera. The Canadian election was a bit dull. The Conservatives won.Mr. Harper is still the PM/
Glad you had a great Thanksgiving and that it was worth all the work and worry. My hats off to you for the great meal you cooked
I have high speed now and my E Mail is
Jhtak@shaw.ca. High speed is great- I can listen to the videos ,conference sessions etc. Its great.
Won't be long before you head to Hawaii to enjoy some summer weather. Love you. All the best