Thursday, October 9, 2008

mom--- i miss you already

This past week/weekend have been busy and such a blast. i am feeling a little sad that mom left last night.... and its back to the real world for me.

It started early on saturday morning when Uncle Dave picked me up after he got off of work at around 6:30?? i think.. it was early. I went to wilma's and it worked out well because we were able to make it to NPS when it opened. We spent the day shopping and cooking and waiting for Mom to get there.

Chay even did his homework...

Aunty wilma made these delicious turtle inspired Spiders.. me and nicole helped her a bit..

They really did turn out good! better with some black shoestring licorice.. but with nuts, caramel and chocolate can you really go wrong?

we also enjoyed Auntie Wilmas chicken enchilada's.... MMMmm i love those!

on Sunday we all watched conference and then mom and i went to visit her Aunt Lois and Uncle john in Layton. We joined them for dinner and it was so fun to visit with them and to meet my second cousin Kaleb. And of course Aunt Lois's apple pie was worth it too.

Mom came with me back to Provo and we had a sleepover! I just need to say that i LOVED having my mom here visiting. It was just what i needed. Monday morning we went for an early morning run and then i was off to class.. after i was done school we met up with Matt and his cousins and Auntie Marilyn. And we did something mom and i have never done.. MISSIONARY SHOPPING!

It was fun.. but weirdly exhausting even if we didn't do anything.

I think the guy was making fun of the size of matt's pants in this picture.

I liked not having to be the one going in and out of the changeroom.. i felt SOO tired.

That night mom and i went to a movie.. and then out for some pizza. The pizza wasn't as good as i had remembered it being. but the salad was SOO good.

Tuesday i had to work EARLY.. and so i went to work, and afterwards mom and i ran some errands. She took me grocery shopping.. which was JUST what i needed and now i have some supplies to make more asian inspired food like my dad.. and i have a frying pan big enough and utensils to eat with. Thanks again mom! Then we picked up Matt and his cousins and headed to SLC to meet with Auntie Marilyn.

The temple grounds and the temple is just so beautiful. And as we waited in the Joseph Smith building i was in awe at how beautiful it was as well.

Then we went to Chuck-a-rama's. A family favorite.. but maybe not anymore, i agree with nicole and i think that we should stick to chinese gourmet when given the chance.

Chay seemed happy with the drink selection though.

If you read Auntie Wilma's Blog you might have heard about when they brought out the shrimp.. i had to take a picture of it. i ate it even though i wasn't hungry at all. but it was SOO good! (i just realized most of my blog is about the food i eat)

Matt and his mom and his cousins went to the SLC temple and mom and i went for a quick trip to NPS where we ran into some family members. i won't say who, because i already outted them once on a blog. Then we headed back to Provo and went on a nice walk. I love walking with my mom, it reminded me of the walks we went on this summer. It was so nice to have her around to talk to.

Yesterday we went and took matt to the MTC with his family. It was Mom's first time ever doing that... and hopefully not her last! there is a special spirit there and i just know that matt is going to be such a good missionary.. the people in Mexico are lucky!

After we went back to SLC to take mom's rental back and then to the Joseph Smith Movie... which i LOVE!! it was my second time seeing it and it was just as moving as the first time. And it was back to provo with a quick stop at Cafe Rio and then mom and Auntie Marilyn were off to get Matts cousins and head to Aunt Lois' in Layton to drive back today! i hope they drive quickly!

I am just so lucky to have such an amazing mom! i miss her so much Already! having her around was just so nice! i can't wait to be with my whole family in just over 40 days in hawaii!

Thanks again for everything mom!


AK said...

Ahhhh...I thought you would have a picture of you and Zak!!! It's fun isn't it to have a wonderful mother that understands who you are ...sniffle...sniffle...!
It was funny to hear you go missionary shopping - bet PAPAHASHI wishes he would have been there. You have some 'good-looking cousins'.

Erika said...

I am a little jealous mom came and visited you, but I guess I get EVERYONE in a couple months, so I guess I can't complain.
I love you and I miss you!

Papahashi said...

Alana, Thanks so much for making me feel so welcome! I LOVED being with you!!!
Our trip home went very quickly. We left Layton, Utah at 5am and arrived home in Calgary at 8pm.
Poor Auntie Marilyn dropped me off and drove back to Lethbridge at 9pm tonight with Lindsay who just arrived in Calgary today at 5pm. I hope Marilyn can rest tomorrow!

I really enjoyed being with my sister and her nephews. The weather was just right for driving!!!
Love you Alana, Mom

Wilma said...

Hope you had a nice trip home Judy. It was nice to have you and Alana here. It sounds like you had a busy and fun few days Alana, we'll do it again. Dave put me on a time limit so I have to go.

KandyJill said...

I'm so sad I never got to see you conference weekend while I was in town. Looks like you were pretty busy anyway, but we'll have to meet up shortly! Isn't it so great having mom's in town? My mom is in town this weekend for Mother's Weekend and Canadian Thanksgiving... so exciting! I love the nature moms have too -- always wanting to take care of their children. Today while all of us girls were napping, my mom mopped our floors... cleaned everything that was already clean, bought stuff at DI to decorate, got groceries, washed the car... all without being asked. Mom's are great. How fun that you guys got to go to the MTC. Isn't it so great? It's such a hard goodbye, but the spirit is so powerful there. Honestly -- I think you should consider serving a mission Lana. I honestly think you'd make such a great missionary. Pray bout it ;) Haha I love you so much! Come visit me in Rexburg soon. You've never been here with me!! I love you I love you I love you. xo.

jaQ-ee said...

love it all. I will call you soon. You need to tell me about all your fun 'in person'!! I had no idea all this was going on! love you.

Melissa Lowry said...

Alana! I freaking am in love/ jealous of the fact that you got to see Matt off and took pictures...