Saturday, November 1, 2008

much needed stress relieving

This weekend i decided to finally use my paints mom brought down to me and to use some canvasses i had purchased this summer. The first two paintings i pretty much copied from Elsie's on etsy... but i made them both my own.

Sorry for the bad quality photos.. they were taken on photoboooth because i don't have my camera... :(

I wanted to make some paintings that i liked for my room that would be inspiring to me, hopeful and calming... this is what i came up with. The thought that my dreams are coming to life is special to me. I think of it as all that is going on in my life right now.. good or bad, is helping to bring to pass my dreams.

In a previous post from this summer i had painted something with keys on it.. well tonight i decided it wasn't quite up to par and painted over it.. this is what i came up with

I am pretty satisfied with the results. its not as good as it would be if it were done on a fresh canvas, but thats okay.

now i just need more surfaces to paint and more ideas of what to paint...


.Ang. said...

I already told you that i like those copy cats BUT i LOVE the new painting!!!

It is just perfect!!

I love you!

Judy said...

I love what you've created!

I also really appreciate our phone calls!

Love, Mom

Burgess Family said...

They look great! So much talent in the family.

Looks like if I need a masterpiece the key is to just give someone in the family some paints and canvas.

Wilma said...

I LOVE your pictures also! I have some "surfaces" for you to paint on.

I'll definitely see you soon! You know, I'm here for you whenever you need someone...

Anonymous said...

looking good Alana!
I love your paintings, keep up the GREAT work!

love you and miss you!


PS. Where is your camera at?

Petrea and Michael said...

I love the paintings. Its as if you were Ginny Weasley and your wand was your paintbrush. Maybe Cho Chang is a better example. Out of curiosity, did I make it on your photo board?

kandicejill said...

i looove iittt! you are so cute!