Sunday, November 9, 2008

POP! goes my heart <3

Well.. THEY MADE IT! And its been a good couple of days. Friday after finishing a paper and WRITING (or "taking" a test for the Americans) Grandma, Grandpa and Dad picked me up from school and we stopped at my APT for me to grab some stuff and we headed to SLC.

It was a good relaxing night. Like father like son.

I had been craving some cinnamon buns and i wanted to make some ALL week long.. i was excited to have the chance to make them with Auntie Wilma and Grandma and soak up all their knowledge about the cinnamon buns..

I got right in there and mixed the dough by hand... it was more of an arm workout than i am used to, i think my arms are still sore.
Grandma told me all about how her dad made the best bread and he taught her mom how to make bread and her mom taught her.

The cinnamon buns turned out O.K. We needed to add more sugar, butter and cinnamon though... hopefully we can try Auntie Wilma's 'tuck shop' recipe (i am not sure about the spelling of this and who the tuck's are and what their shop was)

Saturday we woke up early of course to go to our favorite stores. and we went to a store i had never been to before ... Gygi's - a chef's paradise. it was the coolest store and made me want to go into culinary arts. Of course we made it to Costco as well and Chay, Nicole and I were STARVING so we headed straight to the samples and we got all of them, in pretty good time too.
Feeling the itch to cook Nicole and i made some salad.. Chicken Oriental salad. We had to go grocery shopping for some of the ingredients and who knew that Coleslaw mix was such a hot commodity? we had to go to 3 grocery stores before we found it.

It turned out to be a hit. I know this because with every bite my dad took he said "mmm". nicole really did do most of the work i was just there for moral support pretty much.

Then it was time to do haircuts
First my dad
Then grandpa
And lastly Blade. He was scared to get it cut after Grandpa told him to get it cut like him. I just couldn't do that to him. I guess i didn't cut it fast enough because by the end he was falling asleep and could barely keep his head up. I think it turned out pretty cute!

Then it was back to the kitchen.. to learn how to make Auntie Wilma's turtles
We found that great funnel thing at Gygi's and it was perfect for putting the chocolate on top.

Today we had a great Sunday and got to listen to Chay sing and give a scripture in the primary presentation. (Which reminds me.. i got a calling in my Young Adult Singles ward - primary chorister. yes we have a primary.. figure that one out. )
And then of course had a photoshoot.

Nicole and i are cousins like trout and salmon.. right dad?
we worked up quite an appetite.. there was only one place that could fill our stomachs.
it was shrimp special day.. mmm we all loved that, with the exception of Nicole.

I am heading back to Provo soon.. and its back to BYU life for me.. which is sad i guess.. its been so fun this weekend to be with all my family and laugh so much. Its funny to see my dad and auntie wilma together.. and throw grandma in there and there are a lot of misinterpretations from people not being able to hear eachother properly. haha.. its funny.

in other news: my dad is going to take my computer in for me in the morning so that the hard drive actually works... hopefully it won't take TOO long to get fixed.

But guess what???


peace out


Wilma said...

We did have a great time! Thanks for the great haircut for Blade!

Michael Jay said...

I appreciate the "writing" of the test. I say that here and i get weird looks from people OR they think i am a T.A.

Miss you, excited to see you and Nicole in like 13 days!!!

AK said...

Alana - it was funny to hear about your comment on miscommunication... I just talk to your Gramabashi one on one and we get things wrong. haha
How fun to spend that time with family- I remember that bread my mother and dad made and it brought back great memories. They had a big pan (like I mean huuuuge) that they let the bread rise! I think it was 10 loaves at a time. And the sad part about it was when I used to take my sandwiches to school I used to hide them because everyone else had 'nice sliced white enriched' bread. (Go figure that one - like your primary in singles ward!)

You all look great - Thanks for the pictures.
I want to go to the culinary shop too! I think I will have to save up before I come to UTAH.
Happy times in Hawaii....Enjoy the family and the ocean, Ala Moana... Kings bakery, mochi, chichi dango.....

Burgess Family said...

Looks like so much fun being together. Thanks for including us in on the fun by blogging it.

The hair cuts look great.

.Ang. said...

That looks like so much fun! I miss you guys all so much!

I can just imagine all the fun you are having, and all the miscommunication! :)

I remember when we were looking through all those pictures at Grandmas (When we went down with the Girls for the arbonne party... and told her I was expecting Tyken) and we saw those pictures of Grandpa Shimbashi's bread cooling off in the kitchen of that ranch that he worked at.

I'm so grateful for all the things we have learned from our grandparents that were passed from their parents! WE have got such a great family!

You did a great Job on The hair cuts! I ended up cutting everyone in my families hair (including my own) this week. We are like twins or something.

Well I miss you lots and I can't wait to see you in a few weeks!!! :)

I love you Lots!


sharon said...

Looks like a fun weekend. Thank you for sharing your weekend with everyone. It was nice that your Dad came down with Grandma and Grandpa.

KandyJill said...

Every time I read your posts about baking or making something cook and crafty, it makes me wanna live with you so I can try and soak up some of your talent. Those cinnamon buns looked soo yummy! Whenever you come here (hopefully sooner rather than later), we should have a cooking/baking party. Last night we had a bunch of guys over to make Samoan Pan Cakes. Have you ever had them? It was fun... and makes for a good food fight (I think I still have some in my hair!) -- sooo come see me soon. Muchly appreciated. Thanks. Love you. Bye.

Anonymous said...

It was fun spending time with you Alana. and the Gathers. That was a fun time at NPS. Its fun just watching the people fill up their baskets and rushing
to get to the best deals first.
This miscommunication can be blamed on part to all the background noise that was taking place at the time. or maybe I may be losing it--time will tell.. At least I have a a good excuse-- I have age on my side.
Its been fun in Salt Lake City. Wilma and I went shopping today in spite of the rain.. Love you all

KandyJill said...

Alana you are such a babe!! I miss your soul!