Tuesday, November 18, 2008

wait.. WAIT! don't you dare throw that away

Some interesting conversations go on at work. And working at a museum lots often have to do with art. Not surprising right? What is surprising is how i can be surrounded by all these art scholars and how they all can argue or have such different opinions about what ART really is.
i always get excited when a new exhibit is getting made, its fun to see the work that they put into it and see the progress and its cool ot meet the artists and to observe these 'art scholars' as things come together. We have a new exhibit opening in December by Dan Steinhilber

I met the guy.. and he's cool. But there are arguments on whether this is ART or not. and frankly i don't know what side of the line i am on. I like looking at his stuff.. but often i am like.. "i could do that?" "i saw that same thing outside by the trash this morning" etc. and i wonder if the museum should be paying the large amount of money to have him do this.
Let me show you a bit... is his stuff really about making fun of what people call art? (none of these pictures are from the MOA where i work.. )

Exhibit 1
yes.. this is cool.. but really is this just a really good idea for dispensing personal hygiene materials?

Exhibit 2

oh yes.. the balloons. I have seen similar balloons at the museum, not assembled yet.. but they will be. the exhibit stays up til June, yep the air inside them will be gone by then. but that might just be part of the 'art'. and i heard that after he takes the exhibits down he sends the deflated balloons to another artist who puts them in a bag and its part of one of his 'sculptures'. Good thing he's thinking of mother nature.

Exhibit 3

Does that look like pantyhose, trash bags and packing peanuts? you are right! in the MOA there are trash bags all over right now, and some of them are part of the exhibit, but its just so hard to tell which is which.

I do think its cool what he does.. and that he can make a living off of it. And some of it i would call artsy. sometimes i want to call it art.. sometimes i just want to throw it away.

but speaking of art.. last night i went to the JAZZ game. i do believe basketball played well can be art. I was excited to go see Steve Nash and Shaq in person. Well the superstars weren't so super last night and definitly got out played. Thanks for nothing Pheonix. but it was still cool to see how HUGE shaq is--- but really all of those guys are pretty big, they make nash look small and he's 6 ft 3. The suns also have this guy on the team, Lopez and he's 20. born in 1988 like me! wow.. he sure is living the dream!


Burgess Family said...

Sorry Alana...I could sort of read your blog. Could you please change the color of the font...some of us are getting older and the eyesight is only getting worse along with age.

Art? Don't know if I call it art.

jaQ-ee said...

You are hilarious alana. I love the way you word things. So funny. Lol. Maybe be really careful about what you throw in the trash! I dont want the 'art' to have to come out of your paycheck!!

Seriously, you are just so funny.

Love you and ttyl

Wilma said...

I didn't see anything that I would call "art". It's it amazing that you are protecting that "art". I'm sorry, I think I just threw away something that I shouldn't have...

The game sounds like it would be a fun thing to do. And you saw Shaq. How does he compare to Karl Malone. I was standing by him at Sam's Club once, for a free sample, and I wasn't impressed with him as a person because I found him to be rude but he was a big guy...

.Ang. said...

I think that the balloon one is sweet!! You should bring it with you so we can put it on my mailbox on sunday!

everyone knows that balloons on the mailbox is the international sign for "PARTY OVER HERE!!!"

The last picture is cool. Hard to believe that it's made out of pantyhose and trashbags.. it looks like the charred remains of SOMething or someone..

The first one isn't as much art as it is SHEER GENIUS! How did he get the towel rack to stay on the wall?!?! Mine always falls off!


The S.S. Minnow said...

I'm coming into the MOA stat.

Burgess Family said...

So I got thinking...was it the color of the font that was light...or was it just my computer?

I can read it now and had a another look at the last picture. I have all those supplies...maybe I should try to see what art creation I can make.

KandyJill said...

I totally had one of those "is that art?" experiences yesterday. In the Taylor building on campus I was walking down a hallway and looking at all the art... and there's some stuff that looks like it's a rough draft or like its not done, and you can still see pencil lines on it and it just looks messy... ugly colors. And I say "I could do that... that's so ugly!" haha so yeah... I guess maybe I just don't understand some art. I do think the balloon one is coo however! Have I ever showed you that email of the fashion show where all the dresses are made out of balloons? Or how bout the Paper cut out art? Those are COOOOOL! Hopefully I've emailed them to you in the past... cuz I don't know if I could find them anymore!

Love you. P.S. I'm taggin you in my post I did yesterday!