Thursday, November 6, 2008


I am just so excited....

Looks like i will get to spend some time with these two:

AND-- Papahashi decided to make the trek with them.. (Could life be any better??)
And to top it off i am betting i will get to hang out more with this crew:



kristi Dupont said...

Elliot and I are just checking out your blog, he was just yelling with excitement, "great-gramma, great-grampa", I am sure thats how you feel inside!
And you get to hang with "Uncle Michael" (your dad) too! Lucky girl!
I am glad even Elliot thinks your dad and Michael are very similar. 20 years from now maybe he will have 5 daughters painting his nails too!

Hope you are doing great Alana!
We LOVE you!

Sharon said...

yes, they are on their way. They were leaving at 7 AM this morning. Hope they have an enjoyable trip. Glad that your Dad could go with them.

.Ang. said...

That is the most exciting thing I've heard since I found out that John Stamos was going to be on TV again. Too bad it's ER's last season...

That's awesome that dad is Able to go!

Anyways I have to go, Brylie is raiding my purse



Erika said...

That is SOOO exciting! ALthough I may or may not, or may be a little jealous!

Can't wait to see you in a couple weeks!!!! WOOT WOOT!

Wilma said...

I'm excited too!! They should be here soon. Dave was down in Provo and tried to call you to see if you wanted to come back up with him so that you could be here tonight when your Dad got here but no luck. But I found out you had a test "to write". We'll see you soon!

AK said...

How about some updates??? How is my sister doing? She was so excited about the trip - want to see some PHOTOS!

Take care...tell my sister not to spend too much money! HAHA as if that is going to happen!