Monday, December 29, 2008

asian invasion with a few caucasians

So.. we had our dinner party.. 

Papahashi cooked all afternoon for us.. 
I would say its a good thing he loves us so much, but really its a good thing he loves cooking so much. The food really was DELICIOUS.. everyone said so. 

Michael and Petrea showed up. Its been SO long since i've seen Michael, but it wasn't weird that he showed up on a night when we had some REALLY good food and company around, his timing is impeccable (and please check out those awesome lights hanging over the table.. legit from Japan)

Look at our happy guests sporting our asian gang sign.
apparently this was the 'kids' table, as me and all my friends were sitting here... and we are younger

Then we had our 'white elephant' gift exchange. 

Brad was sad because Scott stole his gift
And then he was happy when he opened our asian themed gift

Anyone who knows taylor knows that he was STOKED about getting this puzzle Brad brought

Brad wanting to get revenge, kept a close eye on what scott was unwrapping

A great shot of Jamie
Then we finished up with the puzzle.. which we didn't actually finish.

Okay so.. we needed a professional photographer there, it would've helped me make this party look just as fun as it REALLY was. But i know that i am looking forward to our party next christmas break. 


Erika said...

Confusing... Canadians gathering to eat chinese food with a japanese chef and decorations.....

But the food did look really good, and white elephant games are always fun.

Wish i were there.

Love you

Burgess Family said...

That looked like a lot of fun.

And the food...I need to learn how to cook all that in one afternoon.

Ya, leave it to Michael to show up at the right time.

Wilma said...

...what Sheila said....!

I REALLY do need to learn how to cook that food. Doug, when can you come over?