Monday, December 15, 2008

do you hear what i hear?

On Saturday i went to my work christmas get-together... i love the people i work with

To end off the night.. our work "Daddy" read us twas the night before christmas

and then this happened...
yeah.. i don't know exactly what this was
looks like it was a good night for Sam...
he also discovered that out of all the people at the museum he has the biggest adams apple.

this weekend was fun.. which is good because this week is going to be a long one with finals.
i won't say that i went curling on friday and to temple square to see the lights because i don't want anyone to ask for the pictures that i forgot to take


.Ang. said...

Seriously curling is SOO FUN!! I loved going back in high school!!

you are lucky you are having a christmas party! I'm not sure we are going to have any around here.. :( Sad..

and congrats to SAM for the largest Adams apple!!

Burgess Family said...

Parties are always fun...especially when there is food...there was food wasn't there.

And that's okay about no photos on temple square...I can go to the Ensign to see them. Sometimes you need to just enjoy the moment without the camera.

Wilma said...

I didn't even know that there was a place to go curling in Utah...I've never been curling. I've watched Grandma and Grandpa curl a lot though.

Good Luck on you finals!

Anonymous said...

Yeah for Curling! I love it! and Canada owns that sport!