Saturday, December 27, 2008

girls night

Well.. i am here in picture butte.

Candi and i decided to come down here this afternoon. 

i was hoping to post some picture of our night tonight with grandma, but despite the fact that me and grandma have the same computer.. i can't get my pictures to upload without it all freezing on me. maybe later.

we decided to come and keep grandma company while grandpa gets checked out in the hospital. and maybe she'll even let us drive her around and into lethbridge so we can go visit grandpa.

tonight we had a nice dinner together and played some scrabble.  I am the scrabble champion. 259 points. not trying to brag or anything.. but really that was my score.  to go with scrabble we even drank some 'celebration pop' and had some gummy bears.  ohh.. and i did eat some of grandma's shortbread too.  we definitly had our share of laughs.  i am loving the quality time i get to spend with grandma, when you are home for 2 weeks its hard to get everything in that you want but now i can check this off my list. 

keep checking back for some pictures. 

P.S. Candi and I's party was a hit (more to come on that later...)


Wilma said...

It sounds like it WAS a PARTY! I'm so happy that you and Candi went down to be with Grandma...THANKS!

What was your word with the most points?

I'm excited to see the pictures when the computer decides to cooperate.

Grandma's shortbread...I can almost taste and feel it melting in my mouth right now...those are sooooo good!

Anonymous said...

You are 'good people'....what a lucky Grandma! She's 'good people' too!

Some events you just can't replace or enjoy unless you are right in the middle of it. This is one of those events.

Can't wait to see the pictures ... and see how badly 'sister-friend' lost. Love to all!

AK said...

Anonymous is me...AK

Burgess Family said...

Thanks Candi and Alana for entertaining Grandma...or should it me Grandma, thank you for entertaining Candi and Alana.

Fun times.