Sunday, December 7, 2008

hawaii - the beach

did i mention that my trip to hawaii was a dream come true?
nicole and i went out to hawaii early.. and got to spend some good quality time with Ang Mike and kids and erika! and we got to go to the beach..

Brylie took this picture of herself when we went on a walk to the beach one day. i have many similar pictures, and many others of pylons and houses that she took.

this is me and my mermaid friend Arielle at Hukilau.

if you look closely you can see nicole, brylie and i playing in the sand

so these pictures are a little out of order, but the first sunday we were there we went on a walk. this was actually my first glimpse at a beach in hawaii. and i was excited!

on this same walk we went to "the point". this is erika looking out into the water. there is a story about a lizard or something and it being cut into 5 peices and thrown out into the water.. something like that. Later erika and i went on a run up to here.. and candi and i went on a walk. i love it up there!

Angie always talks about how Tyken is a momma's boy.. and he REALLY is. i soon learned that. he is such a cute little guy.

They filmed lost in this area.. cool huh?

at this beach nicole and i saw the head of a sea-turtle.. we went to go find it, and then stopped, because what were we going to do when we found it in the water? we didn't know..

i found this little guy in my bag with all my hair stuff. we set him free after taking this picture.

brylie said she had a new pet.. and sure enough in the corner of her room.. she did!

this is tyken waiting for his mom outside the bathroom.

And then the rest of the family got there.. and we went to Turtle Bay the next day!

i went out snorkling and i decided i could do it without flippers.. and i cut my foot on the coral, and jenelle did at just about the same time too. The rest of the week i struggled with my outings at the beach and getting sand jammed in that cut. i cried when Angie and Candi came to my rescue and cleaned it all out.

this is the nurses taking care of jenelle!

looking at these pictures makes me laugh and smile.. but makes me miss this SOOO much!
love it!


.Ang. said...

I told you Tyken was a mama's boy!!! I bet you were glad to leave his "wyne-ing" behind!!!

I love the beach!! I'm sorry that you got injured! I hope you still enjoyed yourself!!!

Wilma said...

I love looking at your pictures. The one of you and Brylie on the beach is a perfect shot.

If your wounds leaves a scar, you'll always have something from Hawaii with you.