Sunday, December 7, 2008

hawaii - the beginning

My trip to hawaii was AMAZING to say the least. I think that because of that trip i will now have to go to school out there...

I was lucky to have an AWESOME travelling companion! And the long flight wasn't as bad as we had thought it might be.. but maybe that was because we were SOO excited to get there!

This was our first time outside in hawaii. nicole and i actually got really excited and freaked out a little when we stepped outside for the first time. Little did i know it would all get better!

I was so excited to see everyone.. especially this little girl

Tyken was a little shy when we got there

and then tyken was a little upset...

Angie's only job was to put the parking sticker on straight.. and she failed

I brought brylie some of Grandma Takahashi's strawberry jam, which she loves! when i got there she kept asking me for a treat, and this was it ,when i finally pulled it out of my suitcase she didn't quite know what it was and told me "i will go get us some spoons!"

Throughout the entire trip we got to enjoy Erika play the violin. She played the night we got there with her string ensemble. They were better than she said they were!

Sunday was Angie's birthday.. we made Angel(a) food cake. it was SOO good

And Brylie-girl kept us busy with her game. she asked us series of multiple choice questions.

Tyken found his ears and put his thumbs in them. he thought he was pretty clever ignoring us.

Then after we ate we went to the jungle to get some coconuts!

Tyken is SOO cute!

We drank the coconut juice, and i thought it was pretty good!

Then Chris (our jungle tour guide) decided to just make this basket. it was soo cool to see him just weave it right there.

And then we enjoyed birthday cupcakes and pigs head! it was a happy birthday for Angie afterall! and i did really try some pig ear drum. Ang has a good picture of it on her blog...

there is so much to post... i will try to do it all soon!


jaQ-ee said...

Tyken IS so smart! He's gonna need those thumbs with all the girls in the family to deal with! lol

I like the beginning of the story of hawaii....looking forward to the end!!

...and I can't believe I'm going soon!

KandyJill said...

Looks like your trip was a blast! I can't get over how big those kids are getting. They are so cute! What'd you think of the ear drum? What'd it taste like?

Wilma said...

That is too cute of Tyken putting his thumbs in his ears.

I didn't know that you got a meal (snack) on the flight, I thought that the airlines did away with the meals. I'm glad they fed you something.