Sunday, December 7, 2008

hawaii - the pcc

with everyone there.. we decided to go to the PCC on Friday. The weather was AMAZING! it was actually REALLY hot. which is something that boggles my mind.. how could it feel like summer there ALL THE TIME?
I really really REALLY enjoyed all the time i got to spend with my sisters, its been almost a year since i had seen Angie. she was such a good host and tour guide, not to mention a great mom and wife and sister!

we are all pretty lucky sisters to all look like we fit in... nicole you are included in that remark

for some reason i decided that i wanted to get pictures with boys on the trip.. i didnt get too many.. but this was my first one. that big guy is cousin vinny in the background...

i just love hawaii

Erika is so lucky to be going to BYU-H.. it was so good to be with my little sister again, and see what her BYU experience is like

i don't think i was supposed to pick this up.. but i did.. and it was heavy

i totally had a crush on this guy. for some reason. i wanted a picture with him.. but didn't get one..

this guy was from the same country though..

i braided brylie's hair and we became twinses

we watched the parade of floats... haha i dont' remember what it was called at all!

this guy was a drummer..

we went on the canoe ride.. jamie tried to push me off

i never did fall in the water though

the Luau was SOo fun.. we had GReAT seats in the center beside the stage...

i totally thought this little guy was cute too!

there was our dinner..

here is dad smiling at Uncle Benny.. he was the host of the show and is Brylie's teacher. Dad loved talking with him.. or hearing him talk about himself.. it was an awesome show.

bathroom shot!

we ended the night at the night show.. i fell asleep for the first half.. but the second half had the fire dancers and was SOO cool! hawaii i love you!


.Ang. said...

ahhh, the PCC..

The Pcc was fun!

I'm glad we were able to do that! Even though we didn't see it all, I saw enough! So fun!

Love you!

Wilma said...

That looked like alot of fun and you did manage to get quite a few pictures with local guys. didn't get to see it all?... Wow, that place must be huge.

Burgess Family said...

Wow, my nieces are all pretty good at taking pictures. I expecially like the ones you take of yourselves... looks like I am going to have to get a smaller camera that I can hold with one hand...or get Uncle Darrell to make me one that I can put our larger camera on to act as an extension that I can hold with one hand.

Hey, that could be a good Christmas gift.