Sunday, December 7, 2008

hawaii - pearl harbor and the rest

we are a really close family... pearl harbor was really cool. it was humbling. and it rained.

as dad pointed out, you can still see bubbles of oil come to the surface of the water, even after all these years.

Nicole and i flew over with the remains of someone who survived from the USS Arizona and was to be entombed with the rest of his shipmates.

you weren't allowed to stop on the dock.. so i took this picture of me and pearl harbor while i was walking.

and i got another picture with a boy

Dad really wanted to go to Pearl Harbor and i am glad we went. It really brought the past to life, and i really enjoyed being there.

we got shave ice a couple times while i was there.. its SOO delicious!

Matsumoto's has the best.. well so i have been told. it was the only stuff i had.

tykens birthday was on sunday. he looked SO cool.

this is the house we stayed in.. it was perfect.

temple beach

tykens birthday cake. it was amazing! Angie and Candi really are talented when it comes to this kind of stuff. i made the coins though.. and erika helped out too. nicole took pictures and we all enjoyed.

look how happy that one year old was!

i don't know why.. this picture of tyken just makes me laugh!

we went to sunset beach to check out the surfers.. the waves were HUGE! i guess after i left the fam went and watched the competition..

this is nicole and i before our red-eye home. i would be lying if i said the flight was okay. it really SUCKED.. at least the one from hawaii to LA. the seats were SO close together and we couldnt' sleep at all. it was horrible.

you already all know about the last flight.. with tony. that was amazing!

So hawaii was pure bliss. the posts dont' even say HALF of how great it was.. or half of the stories we had adn the good times.

i hope to go back soon. and make it my permanent residence for a while perhaps.

thanks for the great time!


Erika said...

I definitely think you should make Hawaii your place of permanent residency for a while too! and soon.

IT was so nice to have you here, but now I miss you more than I did before! COME BACK SOON!

According to my experience, Matsumoto's has mastered the shave ice...

I love you and I miss you! Come back anytime!

May said...

Great Pictures Alana. Thanks for the posting. You folks really had a great time.

Michael Jay said...

Alana i am sad that we didn't get any pictures together...maybe next time. We'll always have Paris, whatever that means.

.Ang. said...

You covered a lot in that post!!!

I miss you already!! I can't wait to see you again! You got some good pictures of Tyken on his birthday!

Actually I love all these pictures!!

I had so much fun with you here!!

Like i said before...

I miss you!

Burgess Family said...

Great photos...I am amazed on how well you can take a photo of yourself as you where walking on the deck...that is one skill I need to master yet.

And did you all get a family photo with everyone together ...that would have been great...but I know how hard it is when everyone is having so much fun and enjoying each other's company and there is limited time together.

Wilma said...

It's looks like you had a great time, and from Nicole told me, it sounds like you had a great time. I didn't know about traveling with the remains though, that was interesting.

And you really have mastered the skill of taking pictures of yourself. What is the secret? Dave and I tried it after the Moran Christmas party and we had a good laugh and deleted all attempts. Maybe my arm is too short.

Thanks for being a "big sister" for Nicole during your travels.

Sharon said...

Very impressed with your self picture taking. . . you even got the "Arizona Memorial" in the photo indicating where you are.

Thanks for the blog entry. Makes a person really want to go to Hawaii . . . like next week . . Dec 14th to be exact.

Next Hawaii trip needs to be Grandma and Grandpa Takahashi with all their kids and grandchildren. How about it?

Papahashi said...

Thanks for the post. I'm going to put a link in my blog.

I like the title of the post because you did it on Sunday, Dec 7.