Wednesday, December 3, 2008

how's it going kids?

I just got home from my wonderful trip to hawaii. Nicole and i caught a red eye last night to LAX where we hopped on our flight to Salt Lake City.

The guy across the isle and down from us looked a bit familiar to me. but i couldn't place it.
and then i heard him talk. His voice as all too familiar. I looked again.. he was perky and seemed like he thought he was hot, but really actually very personable and seemed to think he was pretty funny.
Then it clicked..

This guy.. was my beloved TONY HORTON!
I guess i didnt' recognize him at first with all the facial hair and his shirt on.

This guy is practically family to those of us who have attempted or completed anything power90 related.

Nicole and i were SO happy he was on our flight because the conversations he was having with this nice old lady beside him were just WAY too awesome.
She asked him if he was married, to which he answered "not right now"
and i actually heard him use the term "whippersnapper" like he does in the DVD's
She asked him what he did for business (he was on a business trip) and he said he was in the fitness business.. later he told her that he did fitness DVD's and that he's not on the cover, but if you watch them you can see him teach everyone. (okay that wasn't a funny story but he was trying to be humble)
He said so many funny things keeping us laughing.
Tony:"this one time i was flying up the coast for business and i looked out the window and looked down and saw my house. i had never seen my house from that view before. it was so cool. "
Old Woman said something about how cool that is
Tony:"ya.. i always wanted to tell someone that story"
he also used the word "goofy"

Let me just tell you that tony is EXACTly how he is in the Power90 videos. EXACTLY. and let me tell you some other things i know about him. He is 50. he doesn't have a problem meeting women. He is single right now. He went to Hawaii 3 weeks ago for a week and it was 3 days too long for him. he is more of a homebody. He is in Jackson hole right now. He has 2 sisters. he is the oldest. He is from Rhode Island. His sisters married great guys. They are normal guys too. That is why he isn't married, he's not normal.... the list goes on of things i learned about him

So.. after the flight i decided i should talk to him. So i asked him if he was Tony Horton (i already knew the answer.. but it was a good icebreaker). He seems to loved being recognized and he responded "why yes i am!" we chatted for a few brief seconds.. told him i had done some power 90 and power90x and my sisters and i were big fans. he was like its hard work but it works. i also told him briefly about my neice liking to do it too. and he told me he has a kids workout DVD... Brylie guess what you're getting for christmas?

He was a little obnoxious.. just like on the DVDs and i wouldn't have had it any other way

what a perfect way to end my trip to hawaii


Erika said...

OMiGOSH! what are the chances. hahah, I'm so glad you got his biography,and had the guts to talk to him... thats cool. He looks different than on the DVD's....
Maybe I should start P90 again;.....maybe

KandyJill said...

I am SO JEALOUS!!! Hahaha I LOVE Power90. I still have to try the 90X -- I've heard it's KILLER! And I absolutely LOVE that he was as obnoxious in person as he is in the DVD's... cuz it's hilarious! Lol. And what I love even more. YOU TOTALLY STALKED HIM!!! Nice eavesdropping skills -- I'm impressed that you were able to find out his whole life story!! ALANA THIS POST MADE ME SO HAPPY!!!! HAHAHAHAHA

.Ang. said...
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.Ang. said...

Those pictures are "Not bad for a couple of whippersnappers"

That is the greatest blog ever!!! :)

I seriously love Tony Horton. Even if he is a little obnoxious and does like the sound of his voice! No one else in the whole world has ever helped me lose 20 pounds... Twice! Besides, i find his video's entertaining time and time again. They remind me of dad telling the same "dad" jokes over and over!

You are a lucky gal!! and i agree with Kandice, nice eavesdropping skills!

jaQ-ee said...

SO funny! I've never heard of him or his videos, but I will definitely check him out now! Lol. I love that you got his whole life story as well even though you didn't talk to him until AFTER. Hahah. And I actually laughed out loud at the "i've always wanted to tell someone that story" part.

Ps. good job with the stalker photos. How did you manage that?!?!

Awesome blog entry.

Sharon said...

Glad you arrive home safely. Sounds like your vacation didn't end until you arrive to SLC. . . entertaining on the flight ease dropping on the conversation. I have never heard of Tony Horton either. Very impressed with the photo of Mr. Horton - adds the special touch to the blog entry.

May said...

Welcome home! Glad you got home safely and at the same time saw and got clued up on some vip. I don't know him or have ever heard about him. Sounds like someone I should get to know and lose about 20 lbs
Now the hard thing is to get back into your old routine after such an awesome vacation with your family..

Burgess Family said...

Wow...that was some trip home. To think I could have missed all that if I was on that flight...never heard of him.

Glad you are back safely.

Wilma said...

Nicole told me about your experience on the plane, I didn't know him but I know of the DVD. Now I want to watch for infomercials so that I can watch the power 90 one, I usually flip past it after a few seconds.

Welcome home!

Michael E. said...

that was great. if only Billy Blanks was with him.