Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I had such a FUN night last night!!! i had been not feeling in the christmas spirit,
but last night changed that all for me.

Kaiti and i went on a double date.. i use the term 'date' loosely.. but it was still fun

we started with going to see the musical lights again.. i went last year and couldn't get enough
so i had to go back this year..
they moved locations i liked the old one better..
but they ADDED more songs, and i couldn't be happier about that

check out what its all about here!

Then we got some hot chocolate and made our way to the Lindon Polar Express... also known as Stringtown USA (check out their website here)

so what Stringtown it really is.. as you can see on their website, is a bunch of houses all together all owned by family (father, son, son-in-law etc), they have pools, indoor soccer fields, batting cages etc.. and a train that goes through it all

they run a polar express at christmas.. it used to be open to the public, but this year its only open to their 500 closest family and friends, and the price is right. FREE!

good thing i know the right people

so we started off the night with family prayer at a Lindon bishops house.. which was all decorated and made me so excited to get home and be with family.. then we headed over to catch the train

first the train takes you to go see Santa Clause and you head to the North Pole
We got to Santa's workshop

and we all got to sit on Santa's lap

Caleb was trying to win brownie points and told Santa that he already had all he wanted..

i had to tell him once again that we ARE NOT datingSanta gave us candy bars and candy canes and then he talked to us about keeping Christ in CHRISTmas...

the next part of the ride was my favorite. we were taken past a series of paintings depicting christ's life. check out the slideshow of the paintings on their website

normally after you go and watch polar express in 'the barn' but they had a private function goin on, so i still have yet to see that movie!
but-- it totally got me into the christmas spirit. it was just what i needed!

so even during finals week you can have fun!!

oh.. and Auntie Wilma-- you should try curling. Friday nights at the Salt Lake City oval they teach lessons from 7-9 and its $7.50/person


Erika said...

woo hoo... sounds like fun! i want to participate in some christmas activities so I can get in the christmas spirit!


May said...

Its not what you know a lot of times but who you know.Sounds like a nice train ride. This family you visited must be a big family--500 including friends,
Glad you folks were part of it all. Sounds like fun.
Theres still lots of snow around and it is still very cold. Nighttime temp. will be in the minus 20's the rest of this week and into the next. The roads could be slippery and snow covered. Please be careful if you are driving home for Christmas.Dress warm.
Love you. Have a Merry Christmas.

Burgess Family said...

ooohhh....looks like so much fun.

And you looked great on Santa's knee. Did you tell him what you wanted?

I forgot you are coming home for Christmas...I think Auntie Wilma had something for you to bring back for me...could you ask her before you come home...because I can't remember...sorry, can't remember anything these days.

Still haven't got a haircut yet...may just have to come visit you when you return to Alberta.

Wilma said...

You DO know the right people!

It's too bad we didn't know about that place when we lived in Lindon because it's not that far from where we lived. (sigh...I miss that house at times....)

I loved the video, thanks for posting that site. The night looked like a lot of fun, glad you're getting in the Christmas Spirit.

And thanks for the info on the curling, do you just happen to know stuff like that? Or is that where you went curling?

Tell me about your late start at work yesterday, did you have a LATE night?

kandicejill said...

Haha yess... good idea in using the term "date" loosely -- he's after ya! Haha. As quoted by Caleb: "one down. one to go." lol. Looks like you guys had a fun time on the Polar Express. I'm quite jealous actually -- I've heard it's a pretty fun experience! And I cannot believe you still haven't seen the Polar Express. We'll have to watch that over the break! I love you... thanks for postin! :D