Friday, December 26, 2008

my best friends wedding

So.. before coming home for christmas.. my best friend got married. It is so weird to see your best friend get married. this is the first one of my good friends to 'take the plunge' as they say.

everything was so beautiful. i loved it. okay... it did snow and was a blizzard when they came out of the temple, but it was a memorable day.
the happy couple

me and the happy couple

it was so fun to hang out with the bridesmaids all day.. most of them being my best friends too

Congratulations to Sara and Spencer. They are so perfect together. One day I hope to find someone who loves me as much as Sara and Spencer love eachother (don't worry dad.. not anytime soon)

Thanks to Sara for always being an amazing friend. We have had so many good times together, and with her getting married i must admit i have felt worried that those good times will end. but i know that they won't. We've already made it through her move to Georgia when we were 12 and going to university and all of that. I really am excited for this next part of her life to start.

on a less serious note.. of course with all that snow came terrible roads. We got stuck a couple times.. and to the surprise of us girls we were able to push the car out, it would be hard for people who aren't strong. but it was cold.


.Ang. said...

cute!! she looked great!!

Still can't believe she's married!!


The S.S. Minnow said...

i love you bestfriend!!!