Friday, December 26, 2008

Santa Clause Been Here...

I won't lie.. christmas has felt REALLY weird this year. i really miss my sisters. but christmas eve we did all the things we usually do.. we ate and hung out and then went to see the live nativity at Heritage Park.

But-- its SO cold here. SO cold. Provo has made me weak against this kind of weather... but Dad told us to bundle up.. and we did.

Candi sure knows how to pull off the look of snowpants. her bum didn't get cold AT all. i am guessing.. i didn't actually check. actually i just asked.. and no.. her bum didn't get cold.

yah.. go byu.

dad is doing the Shaka in all of the pictures.. you just can't tell sometimes. he still thinks he's in hawaii.

so bundling up doesn't always look so good in a fashion sense.. but it is a necessity. we were wearing layers and layers. dad kept on pretending to take off his pants and get us to scream and ask him what he was doing.. silly dad.. he had on layers of pants underneath.

this is us in the snow. we are smiling.. which is hard to do when you are SO cold.

dad and Jamie.. he is doing the shaka here.. bet you couldn't tell.

here is a picture for those of you who missed it this year.. it was the same as always.

i didn't take any pictures really during christmas day. we opened presents. we ate breakfast. we played wii, we watched the disney parade (ps the jonas brothers are SO hot right now) and we watched Angie, Mike, Brylie, Tyken, and ERIKA open presents in hawaii. we did some puzzles and then we went to kays.

Proof that Aunty Sherry and Mom are sisters. with both of them watching over things in the oven.. things still manage to burn.

Aunty Sherry learned that piano duets sound much better when they are played by two people.

we watched elf and played Dutch Blitz.. it was a fun new game.

Overall.. Such a good christmas. We missed all of you in Hawaii though. a lot. or at least i did.

stay tuned.. tomorrow night we are having an EXCLUSIVE dinner. Dad is cooking. it should be blog-worthy.

peace out


Erika said...

woot woot for christmas.

Love you and miss you!

.Ang. said...

awww. i just pictured Phillip Racing through the house waking everyone up...

Then it reminded me of Phillip from Elementary school. Mrs roche used to call him her little chicky-poo.. Kinda weird.

ummm So... it looks SOOOOOOOO COLD there!! I'm seriously going to die when we go back. of shock or some cold related disease like iciclitis... That would suck

I was going to ask if Candi's bum got cold, thanks for answering me before i had the chance. But really does it even matter??? she look freakin HOT in those! which is probably the reason her "areas" were so toasty. -am i right or am i right?

love the canadian Shaka!!!

I also love how in the group picture the tree topper on the christmas tree ACTUALLY looks like it is your touque. That was probably one of my favorite accessories on you.

I'm glad the Nativity was the same. But I'm sad I Missed the trumpeting angels... :(

Love the pie picture! I'm glad it didn't start a small fire!!

We really missed you all this year!! It was fun to be together while we opened presents though!!

Tonight Uncle Darren said the blessing on the food over skype... Who do we think we are??? the Jetsons or something?!?!?!

Sign of the times... I tell ya...

(that didn't really make sense did it..)

May said...

Thanks Alana for you descriptive blog of your family,s Christmas activities You have all had a fun and exciting time. Its always fun when there are small children around. It was great for you to be able to watch Angie and Mike and family open their presents.
. Enjoy your holidays with your family and friends in Calgary. I am sure you miss Erika and Angie-- but isn,t it wonderful that with ichat you can still be with them.I find that so amazing.
If you get few minutes in your busy rounds drop by and say hi. Would love to see you but I can't guarantee any excitement though.

Burgess Family said...

Nice shot of the lights twinkling on the tree. Love the winter outfits. Thanks for sharing.

Wilma said...

Everyone looks so happy even with the cold. Great pictures Alana, and I remember the bundling up just to keep warm, and just eyes exposed, but my kids don't understand that kind of cold. The pictures really do capture the moment.

Sorry about the pie, but half of it looked okay.

I don't know how I feel about the BYU Hawaii sweatshirt being RED. I didn't know that could be done.

Technology is fun to be able to watch the little kids opening gifts in Hawaii. AND to have Uncle Darren still be able to bless the food for his kids Christmas dinner. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

hey sean and I got "dutch blizt " for christmas too!! its a vonderful goot game