Friday, December 26, 2008

things you shouldn't put in your christmas tree

WARNING: this post contains an absurd amount of pictures

well because of the school that my dad is proudly representing.. the whole family wasn't quite all together this christmas. way to go byu-h. i told erika i would take lots of pictures.. i don't know if i did THAT well.. but i think i covered this night good.

Monday night - Family time at Dave and Brenda's

erika this is us driving there..

and then we got there.. and we helped make lasagna

you can see the lasagna to the left.. and jenelle, jamie, soph and jeff all hanging out

calgary in the winter is perfect when you lack freezer room. sometimes i think outside is colder than a freezer.. i am pretty sure it has been most of the time i've been home. but i am no freezer expert.

does this punch look christmasy and delicious? it was both.

Good thing little rhyse was there to cook us dinner... actually he didn't cook it.. he just pulled it out of the oven for us.

i like this picture because it shows the pure JOY of christmas on sophie's face

apparently i was too busy eating to take pictures of dinner time, obviously it must have been good because i wasn't looking for other things to do during the eating time. but after dinner out came the candy.. and we made some gingerbread (graham cracker) houses.

everyone working..

more of everyone working... can you see me scoping out the competition? was it really a competition? no.. but i do like to be better at everyone at everything i do.

so going with the theme of houses.. candi and i started to make a TeePee. it even had a fire inside. but who's ever heard of a christmas teepee? not me.. and it wouldn't even be fun to decorate. indians believe in 'the great spirit' too.. that takes the Christ out of Christmas right there. so we decided to take our teepee in a different direction

mom and brenda working..

dave working.. he also drew blueprints, as only uncle dave would. too bad he drew them on the BOTTOM of the plate.

Jef with one F's finished product


J.J's. Please note that Joel looks like an arabian woman in the background..





And Candi and I's.. okay so its not a house at all (unless maybe you are a squirrel or a bird)..

Afterward we played some really fun games. i learned 'the thing' game. this is us playing it.

And this is Dad playing it..

let me just say the weather has been SOO cold.. and there is LOTS of snow. i tried to get some pictures showing just how much there is.. but i don't know if this shows much.


Erika said...

Looks like a Jolly good time. I lOVE everyone's Gingerbread houses and they looked like a lot of fun to make. and they also looked delicious! I say we make lasagna, and graham cracker gingerbread houses and games and annual event, so that I can attend next you.
Thanks alana for documenting the goods.

.Ang. said...

That looks like so much fun! (Minus the waist-high pile of snow...)

I'm impressed that you guys decorated your tee-pee as a Tree. Best costume EVER!

I feel like I did a bad job getting the kids excited and involved in Christmas this year. I hope to do a better job next year.

.Ang. said...

oh.. and that punch Looks BOTH Christmasy and delicious!

haha that reminds me of santa Clause 3... Jack frost (Martin short) is in court being charged for attempting to upstage santa and friends (easter bunny, cupid, toothfairy) or something

and they say "you have violated the legendary figures code of conduct in a manner that is both willful and malicious" and Jack says "excuse me?? did you just accuse me of being skillful and delicious?!?!?... guilty as charged..."

And we LAUGHED...

I want a box set of those Santa clause movies!

good times..

Burgess Family said...

Another great post.

Yes, that shows how much snow you have. It looks like you have alot more snow than we do.

Happy Holidays! Looks like the place to me is with all you.