Tuesday, December 30, 2008

we went to the hospital.. just grandma and we


AK said...

You are all the 'bestest best grandchildren' in the world. I see the joy on Grandma's face and it makes me cry..... whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
(Except when she is losing at scrabble)

You were the lucky ones because I know ALL or ANY OF YOUzzz(from Hawaii to Spruce Grove to Utah) would have been there for them.

I think you should go into her bank account and buy a nice 42 'newer model' TV. Great Boxing day sales - tell her the 'it's better on your eyes' story! haha hahah

You are the 'bestest'!

Wilma said...

I like AK's idea...

I love the slide show, it looks like it has been a fun time, I'm so glad that you are there with Grandma and Grandpa.

Your comments are just as funny as the hospital signs...going to Church with the other 35 people, cutting Grandma's "hairs" (it's not THAT thin..., or is that what Grandma said?)

You are the lucky ones. I'm going to go back and watch the slide show again.

Burgess Family said...

Good job! See you can keep up to Auntie Sheila.

Thanks for all your help and for keeping us up to date.

Thanks for taking the extra time to get the photos.
Love the signs.

jaQ-ee said...

sweeet! loved it and wish we could all be there!!

.Ang. said...

I SOO Wish i could be there with you guys!

Looks like you are having fun and keeping grandma out of trouble!

I loved the slideshow!!

love you guys!

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