Tuesday, December 30, 2008

what's in jamie's purse?

We wanted to go to Jenelle's basketball game. but the car wouldn't start. 
good thing mom is handy
she got it working so that we could go, and candi and i could take off to southern alberta after.
Jenelle played amazing.. weird how i don't have any pictures of her game.. but i managed to get some shots of this guy..  you may recognize him as Gideon from One Magic Christmas

okay not really him, but he sure looked a lot like him

During the game we took a look in Jamie's purse: 

all the necessities were in there:
-not one but TWO camera's
- after eight chocolates
- Demi Lovato's new CD
-ipod and headphones
- some change
-her wallet
- brown thread
- a fun dip 

i think i need to learn from her


Burgess Family said...

Ya, aren't Moms the best...they know EVERYTHING.

The look alike was great. You are finding them everywhere...no way a minute...the last one was really him.

And it looks like I need to pack my purse a little differently from now on.

jaQ-ee said...

i love that jamie put the ENTIRE box of after eights in her purse. That's what big bags are for!

And good look-a-like spotting and photo creeping. A job well done!

.Ang. said...

Jamie, I need you to pack my purse!!

Question... Do you listen to you CD on your ipod?!?!? how does that work?!?!

And you never know when you might need some brown thread!

Good job!

.Ang. said...

And that guy probably was a christmas-time angel..

Checking up on you.

I hope you guys were good!

Wilma said...

that's a good sized purse...

Anonymous said...

Alana you forgot to mention Eclipse, and my pack of gum!!!! That's okay though, we got the point.

kandicejill said...

haha that guy is the TWIN from the movie. Haha that's perfect. And Jamie is amazing haha. Except you forgot to mention one particular necessity -- Eclipse. I'll forgive you though!
Happy Birthday!