Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Me: Dad.. do you ever just sit there and think of the fastest way to get from one place to another

Dad (in a disapproving tone): Noooo

and then

Dad: i sit there and think of funny names people could have if they married someone with certain last names

its true he does this.. and i also know its true that he doesn't ever think of that, because he always seems to drive the longest way from point a to point b (and that isn't even including the shy (slow) way he observes the speed limit)

i think when i go on my mission i'll miss talking to him.

and i'll even miss his sense of humor.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

the g.a.t.h.e.r.s

i've been missing these people a lot lately

some reasons: learning and baking/cooking good things to eat, good travel companions, people to bail me out of provo, games games and more games, goood chats with uncle dave while driving to and from provo, hours of csi, movies, laughing so hard, feeling so at home and being with family... just to name a few.. oh and auntie wilma always saying things that my dad would say (to make me feel more at home i am sure)... seriously all the games with chay and nicole being my best friend.

miss you guys.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

... life of a future sister missionary ...

i have debated whether or not to write some of my deep thoughts on my blog about my mission. the writing would be mostly a record for myself to look back on. and i hate to have TMI all over the internet of my life. but, when i started this blog, it was all about "this is me", and so it will continue, because my future as a missionary - well that's just me. this makes it sound like i wanna talk about deep serious stuff...

first things first - kudos to every person that has ever gone on a mission. it's not as easy as i always assumed it was. to get all the medical, dental, spiritual interviews and appointments done is one thing, and then to add the adversary trying to take you down into the mix, it made me feel like i would have more success at a one-on-one game with michael jordan.

there is so much i could say... and maybe i will continue to write about my life as i prepare to go on this mission to the Independence Missouri Visitors Center (IMVC as it will now be called in the future).

right now, i just need to get something off my chest that recently has bothered me: the fact that because i am going to the IMVC i have become somewhat of a writeoff to the opposite sex. my black tag has turned somewhat into the black plague. but not even just the opposite sex... there is this assumption to some that i am unable to date, or crush anyone because i have a call, or that some part of me is broken, but my mission should be able to fix that. Conversations that go as follows "Oh are you dating any--- oh wait you are going on a mission, nevermind" and "if you weren't goin on a mission, i would totally set you up with {insert hot guys name here}" frequent my life. (or even, 'well if you are supposed to get married, then he'll show up' which deserves a post of its own)

well they are right--- i am going on a mission, and no, i'm not dating anyone. but why can't {hot guy} still go out with me?

but what really gets me is that it even bothers me, because i hate dates. i could go without awkward conversations, fake smiles, and just the whole shabang... a boyfriend would really complicate my life right now too - but i have always been boy crazy, my friends and i have been since.. well as long as i remember. and i feel like lately my life has lacked a lot of the male companionships that i have always had. and it's not even like i am a person that has been asked on a lot of dates, but let me tell you, that there has been a steady decline of any male persons even hanging out with me since my plans for a mission have come forward. from some experiences that i've had and gone through more recently, i feel like it's safe to say that the sister missionary excuse is perfect for anyone trying to stay out of the dating scene, and people admire you for it.

this isn't my pathetic plea to have everyone set me up on dates, nor is it written because i want to go on dates - remember i HATE dates. it is true - i am not looking for love right now, or anyone right now except those looking for the message of the gospel. it's just interesting how some people swore that i would get married and not end up going on mission. So.. looks like they were wrong. and i am kind of proud of it. plus it is very difficult to do when the only man you converse with is your Dad or your brother in law... im just saying

but what do i know? i'm just a future sister missionary

**disclaimer** this post represents my thoughts and views, the information in this may not be entirely scientifically accurate or accurate in any way at all.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

oh ya

shopping for sister missionary clothes is not that fun

which doesn't mean i want to go anyless, and doesn't mean that i don't look any less cute in the clothes... cause lets face it.. i always look cute..

just kidding

but actually...

its just not that fun

Monday, December 7, 2009

week 1.

week one is done. one week left. (sad face)

but we've had a lot of fun and seen and done a lot of things i've never before.
Like eating Acai bowls, going to see volcanoes, black sand, the island of Kona... i could go on and on)
we have laughed A LOT.
we all squished into this car this car for long drives around the BIG island
we tried bubba gumps for the first time.... and we ate right out on the beach
had lots of photoshoots (here was a little camera lesson Angie gave)
today after church we went to see the temple (i love to see the temple.. just like the song)

we met up with mike at the airport and on the way home we stopped to see the CRAZY waves... honestly they are HUGE. who knows if sunset beach will be there tomorrrow...

i still miss everyone at home though.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

breakfast at king kamehameha

airport photobooth

today we flew to Kona (the BIG island)
when we got here, the weather was WAY better than in Oahu... and we'll take the sun shining anyday.

we know that mom and dad are anxiously awaiting pictures of the trip so far.. i forgot my camera cord in Laie and our time for updates has been cut short by making plans for the next day.

we saw waterfalls today and drove around half of the island to Hilo... some of it looked like desert, and some looked like BC/idaho... it was weird to feel like we weren't in hawaii anymore.

we went to a botanical garden and saw all sorts of plants we had never seen before.. it was pretty cool

hotel pool, black sand beaches and red hot lava hopefully.

we are also hopeful Ang will feel better and that we will have well rested and fed kids.

peace and love.

Thursday, December 3, 2009



you treat me well

keep blessing me with sunny days, good food, exquisite company and energy

i am alive and more than well...

wish all the family was here with us.. we miss you

but as you can see we are having LOTS of fun and i am just WORN out (that is the part you can see in the picture)

we are going on our vacation in a vacation tomorrow :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

twenty-four years

So.. i wish there could be pictures for this post. But Dad just updated my computer and put in a new something or other and so all the stuff that was on my computer is currently being downloaded back on my computer.. with many minutes remaining.

but... i wanted to wish my sister a Happy Birthday!

Last night i was in my room reading.. and it was later in the evening (after 11) and i could hear someone playing the guitar. But it wasn't the usual guitar playing, it was classical suzuki guitar pieces. songs i haven't heard for years.

For a minute it took me back to my younger years in our old house on Benson Road. Angie and i Shared a room for MANY years. Often times she would play the guitar late into the night (most times all night, and sometimes even practicing suzuki songs)... and for a second last night, i thought that it must be Angie upstairs playing these songs that she used to play.

It made me miss her SO much and think of all the reasons why i am SO grateful for her (which are high in number). It even brought tears to my eyes. At the time we both didn't appreciate all the time we were forced to spend together in that small room, but now i am SO glad that we had all that time together. Angie and I have always been close and she always seems to say what i need her to say, and we have literally sometimes finished eachothers sentences.

I am SO glad that in just a few days i can go and spend some quality time with Angie next week! and wish her a happy birthday in person!

But until then..

i sure love you!!

(oh yeah.. it wasn't just me being crazy.. it was Jamie playing some tunes)

Saturday, November 14, 2009


some of you may not have the privilege of being familiar with snuggies.

hopefully this enlightens you. my favorite part is when he raises the roof in his snuggie. (they really are that good)

i am so thankful that last week when i was sick.. i had a snuggie..

Jamie and Jenelle were dying to make them.. and so we did. (well jamie did.. )

Jenelle's features Dora

Jamie's features batman

And mine.. SPONGEBOB and patrick (which is you ask Auntie wilma is perfect for me)

the picture of jenelle is when she saw the fabric we picked out for her.. guess we did good

Not only do I love my snuggie.. but my dad does too.. here he is at Grandma Andersons enjoying its warmth

i had to fight to get it back from him.

... if only i had a dog to make a snuggie for...

Friday, November 6, 2009

called to serve

The video above includes a clip of me opening my call.

it is so amazing to know where exactly the Lord wants me to be for 18 months of my life.  its hard to explain the comforting, loving feeling i felt as i read my call, like Heavenly Father really knows me and knows where i am meant to serve him. it was truly a wonderful experience.

I am sorry if i didn't call you to let you know - after opening it and calling a few people i was exhausted and have been in bed pretty much ever since. 


ookay so my call came

i am planning on a sweet post for it

with a cool movie i am wanting to make

but i have been under the weather

so be patient and stay tuned

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

... still waiting ....

its hard to take a picture filled with the anxiety and excitement i feel as i continue to wait for my mission call to get here. Its been about a month now... and my call was "sent" apparently 10 days ago approx. so it might come tomorrow? cross your fingers.

i feel like its been taking TOO long.
like my friend Cort said, "it's surprising because usually the temple square calls come fairly quick"

a lot of people think that is where i'm destined to go, or Japan.

What do i think? no comment.

i guess i should blog about life. i will soon.

but until then.. this is always trueand sometimes i dream about owning one of these. actually.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

promise yourself to be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.

Look at the sunny side of everything & make your optimism come true.

think only of the best, work only for the best & expect only the best.

Forget the mistakes of the past & press on to the greater achievements of the future.

Give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others.

Live in the faith that the whole world is on your side as long as you are true to the best that is in you!

Christian d. Larson

Thursday, October 8, 2009


depending on what you heard...

the rumors are true!

if you heard i wasn't putting in mission papers anymore and i was staying here for other prospects... that was ALWAYS a rumor

if you heard i was putting in mission papers to serve the Lord...

that is TRUE.

the papers are submitted as of tonight

and now...

i wait

and i will feel like Karen Carpenter.
Please please, mr.postman.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


remember this?

well... last night someone broke into our house

they rifled through some stuff (mainly my purse and jamies wallet) and left with
my credit card
(guess having all this junk in our house finally paid off.. jk)

joke's on you... you thief. credit card? CANCELLED!!

and it really was a blessing because i needed a new card anyways as mine was about to expire.

but the thought of someone being in your house without you knowing
going through your belongings makes you feel a little


but now i can't decide what bugged me more

someone eating some of my lunch?
or someone going through my purse?

i do love my food...

Monday, October 5, 2009

in no particular order

Let me take a minute from my busy (not so much) schedule to make a point to remember some things.

1. things i want but do not necessarily need right now: shoes, shoes, shoes (boots, uggs, pumps, vans... etc.), a new ipod?, cupcakes and/or treatza pizza

2. dad is OBSESSED with corn. good thing he has family connections. One night he was husking and watching TV from the deck. yepp.. he can barely see things right in front of his face.. so how this worked i don't exactly understand.

something about this below just brings joy to his heart:

3. facebook diet. yepp i'm going facebook free for the next couple weeks. i hope to utilize that time studying scriptures and preach my gospel. but it doesn't mean that i don't miss you facebook - because really.. i do.

4. hawaii will be my place of vacation in practically 52 days --- not that i'm counting down or anything

5. these windows are finally clean:

grandma and mom cleaned the windows a few weeks ago. something that hasn't been done in a couple decades (and i don't think i'm even exaggerating)
5. grandpa can still tell dad what to do. the two of them put up some new boards on the side of the house and painted them with grandpa's never-ending supply of that paint.
i told grandpa about how when Angie and I used to go down there to help out, he would tell us to paint the fence, and we would always ask how long we had to do it and he would always reply "until the paint is gone". being the smart kids that we were.. we went down the alley and dumped out the paint one day when we had had enough of painting.. to our dismay grandpa had stocked up on that paint.. and the supply still isn't gone. Grandpa laughed and laughed at what we had done.

6. i have so much to be grateful for. like flowers being sent to me TWICE at work in one week.

that i could get used to.
but really - i am often overwhelmed at the acts of service that people do for me, the little things and the big things that really do make a difference to me. 'i'm SOO HAPPY!!' (said in a voice the emperor kuzco in emperors new groove)

7. i went skeet shooting. that is all.

8. this is what my grandparents do. and they do it so well. i am so glad i have some pictures of these moments. the ones so dear to my heart.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

i'm going back

november 27 won't come soon enough.