Saturday, January 17, 2009

..:: Best Birthday Ever ::..

I seriously was SOO blessed with the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!! i had low expectations and usually i don't really like birthdays.. a lot of awkward "happy birthdays" and people asking you what you want to do... this year for some reason was different.

The day started off spectacular when i was surprised at work with a birthday cake made by my friend Whitney and his wife. SOO delicious. and then my friend Bryn came in armed with doughnuts and oreos (which are better here than in canada).

Then there was an amazing post that brought me to tears on Angie's Blog.

After work and then class i went to spend some time with my best friend Sara.. who recently got married. Kaiti came over too. it was perfect. Then i came home to this:

My room completely decorated... flowers on my bed, balloons and streamers in my room. Love it. Thanks Kaiti for the Streamers and Balloons. I am so lucky to have such a good best friend.

Then i checked Angie's blog again and she had recorded THIS COVER for me.. and once again brought me to tears. Thanks ANG!
Then my awesome roommate had me open this
1. Audrina style leather coat, cute new hat (like Jamie's and an awesome scarf). I love Samantha. She has the greatest sense of style and is so generous.

Next event: DiNnEr!!! mmm red robins

Thanks kaiti for dinner. It was good.. the wait was terribly long! that is the problem with provo on friday nights. friday nights = date night.

Here is Samantha and Shelley. i seriously have the greatest roommates. and we have so much fun together.

AND--- who doesn't like some free dessert???

So then we came home and we wanted some people to come over for some cake and ice cream.

And we danced...

We enjoyed eachother and the ice cream.

The birthday excitement was to much for Sam. she just couldn't contain it.

And of course the best birthday ever includes some cute boys.

then the dancing got more serious and there may or may not have been a dance off.

Overall.. SUCH A GOOD NIGHT! i loved it. i am just so grateful for such great friends and people surrounding me.

And now.. its Sams birthday in a week.. and then a week and a day after that its Shelley's. Stay tuned for more birthday excitement.

i have just such a GREAT feeling about this year. Last year brought me TONS of growth and learning lessons. and this year will hopefully will help me to apply all those things that i have learned. I have a tough semester ahead of me.. but i am actually excited to tackle it all.



Erika said...


AK said...

Happy Birthday's so great to have good friends. Good luck this next semester and your 22nd year.
Luv you Alana....

sharon said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY ALANA! Looks like you had a great day. With more birthdays coming up, it looks like January is "Party Time". Keep having fun and best wishes on your studies!

May said...

I am glad you had a great Birthday. You seem to have a bunch of great friends/
Good luck in your studies. I know you will do well;

Thanks again to you and Candi for coming down to Picture Butte while Grandpa was in the hospital.. I was relieved to have someone drive on those snow covered roads, Candi is a very good driver.

We will have more than 34 at church from now on/ They have created a new ward called Parklake ward.
It is combination of Picture Butte and Diamond City. Attendance will be around 150. They haven't decided which church to close down yet.
Love you and thinking of you

KandyJill said...

I'm so sad I didn't get to celebrate your big 2-1 with you!! But I'm glad you had fun. You look freakin HOT in your pics... which... is no surprise. But anyway, I surely do miss you!!! Hope your semester is going awesome!!