Thursday, February 26, 2009

... and i LOVE disneyland

To members of my immediate family (and a few close friends), it is no secret that i harbor an absolutely ridiculous love for Disneyland. I am a firm believer that it is ACTUALLY the happiest place on earth, or at least it has always been that way for me. I sound like i have been there a million times. not true - i have only been twice. Once with my family years ago, and then last year.
And it didn't let me down either time (when i took the above picture)

Well i just had an AWESOME weekend. It was Corts Birthday. (there have been SO many lately). The whole weekend reminded me vaguely of a trip to Disneyland, or at least the way i felt inside did.
Friday night was kind of like being at Disneyland because we went out and got to hang out with the whole gang..
(and Maria from Maria Bonita's even jumped into the picture) The food here (Maria Bonita's) was delicious.

Saturday night was especially great to me. Its hard for me to really voice why this was so amazing to me, and why the feelings of excitement i had were JUST like the ones i have when i go to see these 2 friendly mice.

On Saturday Cort and I decided to go to dinner... i was ready for the night when he called me, and told me to dress a little more than casual. umm.. okay, that is fine, but WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? i had no idea. (a picture i took last year.. i felt this same fear in my wardrobe panic)
i kind of started freaking out a bit, but luckily my roommate sam was home to help me out. We came up with this.. the leather and earrings really pull it from casual to a little more than casual we decided.

Well cort got to my apartment, told me to change out of my heels because we were going on a walk first (i love walks). i was just in a great mood and we started walking. and i was talking a lot, and i didn't even realize where we were walking.. and then we ended up here:

Yepp.. the nicest restaurant in Provo.. and my heart started racing.. (taken on the jungle cruise in d-land)
i began to feel the disneyland excitement fill my bones. the "chef's table" has been the inside joke with me and some of my friends for a while. because its so nice and pricey we have always joked about going there.. and i really thought i would never go. but i guess i never knew cort then. he told me this is where we were eating. i think i said "shut up" a million times.

Wow, i just realized that this is sounding like some sort of romantic proposal story. let me assure you- there is none of that going on in my life right now. but what is going on is my infatuation with this classy ritzy lifestyle. that makes me sound materialistic. in the movies you always see people eating at these super nice places, and i had never been.. it was on all the lists in my head of things i wanted to do in my life, and i was so excited to finally make it all come to pass. it was like my life was a movie for a night.

of course; a restaurant like this needs good entertainment.
This guy could really play the piano. a true pianist. his music set the perfect atmosphere and i was jealous of his talent. he played everything from disney songs, billy joel, les mis, you name it he played it, even my personal favorite Bella's Lullaby from Twilight (actually the billy joel was pretty good too!)

this is me in all my excitement. i just didn't know what to do. It sounds crazy that i was so floored by the whole experience, we sat down and the server put the napkins on our laps for us (apparently when you are rich you no longer have to keep yourself clean, other people do that for you). this is so weird that was a milestone in my life, people go here ALL the time.

i didn't take any ACTUAL pictures of my food. but it was amazing, and plated to perfection (chef Gordon Ramsey would have been pleased), i couldn't take pictures because then everyone would have known my secret.. that it was my first time in a place like this.
That isn't an actual picture of the table setting, i didn't get a picture of that, but if i had it might have looked something like this.
We started with an appetizer: DUCK. it was my first time having duck, and it just seemed like the right thing to do.. when in rome. i liked the way it danced along my palate and the way the flavors came together to create a rainbow in my mouth. not really, but if i were on Iron Chef i might have said that.
My meal was also amazing.. prosciutto stuffed chicken or something. mmm.. delish.

here's the guy that made it all happen:

i think cort was probably embarassed of my excitement over everything. but it was a big deal to me for some odd reason that i can't quite explain. i am SO SOOOO grateful that this is what 'dinner' that night meant, and that my wardrobe choice was good for a little more than casual. the food was good, the view was amazing, the whole experience out of this world for me, but the company was the best part. he's cute, right?

we even got dessert. would you believe that places this nice even do a little free birthday dessert? only you get to pick the dessert you want. corts birthday pick was Creme Brulee. something else that i had not yet tried in my life. what a perfect way to finish a meal, i totally underestimated what greatness it could hold. mm.. the crystalized sugar on top, the creamy almost whipped creamy inside. it was love at first sight.

well.. the night was perfect. best night EVER! it was def a night to remember, or that i will at least remember. i don't see myself frequenting the chef's table anytime soon so i will just treasure this memory.


jaQ-ee said...

Great presentation!! I love all your analogies. You spit them out left right and center!!! the dog trainer one. It's a talent, I have realized.

Next time I need an analogy, you're my girl!

Was it the best meal you have ever had in your life?? How about you and I go there one day....Deal?

For some reason, "Chef's Kitchen" makes me think of Ratatouille. Love that movie.

Yes I loved the post, Alana :)

Wilma said...

Seemed like the perfect night to me! I love how you shared your excitement...I felt it!

A big thank you to Cort for sharing his birthday with you making you so happy...without taking you to Disneyland.

Life if good...

Erika said...


Melissa said...

Mmmhmm... Cort... Just your friend. Interesting.

May said...

What an exciting and interesting evening! Cort seems like a gentleman and knows how to treat a lady.

Burgess Family said...

Tell Cort thank you for celebrating his birthday with you with class. And free dessert - that is always good.

Next time I am in Utah, I will for sure have to drive by this place, since I will never eat there.

But then I don't have to, your blog explained it all. The excitement you displayed was great.

Thanks for sharing.