Tuesday, February 10, 2009

better late than never. some lessons learned in 2008

This is an insanely long post. there are lots of pictures, but many have appeared on here already. this is more for me than for anyone else. but if you want to read it. i won't stop you.

Life is crazy.. its unpredictable.. it keeps on going, even when sometimes we aren't ready for it to. Sometimes we can wonder why things happen that happen, but there are always lessons to be learned in the good and the bad, Simple lessons and sometimes more complex ones. But 2008 was a big growing year for me (although i am still 5'3).

Here are some of the highlights and the simpler things i learned (in order of happenings):

Lessons 1 & 2: Time doesn't have to change things and sometimes the plans you make as kids can really happen. Sara joined me at BYU in January and finally we went to the same school, something we had planned since before she moved. And.. we were still best friends even after all the years in different countries. :)

Lesson 3: If you don't enjoy a movie, ask for a refund. i guess cloverfield and me weren't meant to be.

Lesson 4: Bonfires on the beach are as good as i had hoped they would be. it was always my dream to have a bonfire on a beach like on TV. and i did. and expectations were exceeded.

Lesson 5: There are places in the world that you can go outside without a jacket on in January and not be cold. Trip 1 to California in January, and we were on the beach. i didn't know this could happen.

Lesson 6: My dad is awesome (okay i already knew this.. but so many more reasons of this became apparent this year)

Lesson 7: I love visits and being a lacrosse mom wannabe.

Lesson 8: Seaworld and Disneyland = LOVE LOVE LOVE. but in that order. if not in that order, than i fear seaworld wouldn't be so good.

Lesson 9: California where have you been all my life? I went twice last winter semester. and i loved it.

Lesson 10: I take after my dad and i hate needles. I laughed, i cried, i may never volunteer for this again.
Lesson 11: Candi will be a great nurse

Lesson 12: Even little sisters grow up and graduate from highschool and go to university

Lesson 13: Sometimes it feels like the world is falling, but maybe we've just put ourselves in a place where we can't see the 'bigger picture'

Lesson 14: My Dad is a Rockstar. bahaha. Brylie always says, "did you know your dad is a rockstar?"

Lesson 15: Nothing beats the blue skies of Calgary. Nothing. And pictures of such always bring a smile to my face.

Lesson 16: I can set up a tent (with help my sister and friends) and Lesson 17: I love an adventure. on this trip we went and explored this creeped out empty house. i was scared, but i loved the adrenaline rush.

Lesson 17: As practical as they are, water-shoes just aren't a great fashion statement.

Lesson 18: We all hit bumps in the road, but sometimes do we create the bumps for others on their journey through life? maybe we do. I am also grateful that Jamie didn't die while these pictures were being taken.

Lesson 19: I LOVE THE JONAS BROTHERS. Especially Joe. <3 <3 <3. Lovebug will be on my wedding slideshow someday.

Lesson 20: I have the funnest cousins ever. This summer we got to meet and hang out with cousins from Arizona, it was SO much fun. we miss them!

Lesson 21: Sometimes you have to just do things that scare you. This summer Erika, Craig, KC and i all rode the skyscraper. Erika was really scared to go (okay i was too) but she didn't regret it for a second after we went.

Lesson 22: Radio life is cool, its fun, its interesting- its not for me.

Lesson 23: Even younger cousins grow up and go on missions. Dallin left this summer - i think missions are awesome. i think i might just have to serve one...

Lesson 24: I probably actually don't want to be a vampire. Twilights 4th book came out, as much as i love twilight.. all that blood sucking and fighting just seems like it would be too much for me.

Lesson 25: Just as Elder Uchtdorf said in his address to the Relief Society, i need to be more artistic.. creativity in all forms is my form of release, it does bring me joy.

Lesson 26: Make do with what you have available. Sometimes we can't have things in the circumstances we want, but we just need to accept things as they come and make it work.

Lesson 27: Headlamps are useful, but i still don't think i would want one as a christmas present.

Lesson 28: Its easier to do the right thing when everyone is doing it with you, AKA.. I have the best friends ever.

Lesson 29: Everyone looks better in a tux

Lesson 30: I have so much to be thankful for. SO MUCH! one thing to be thankful for, is that i was able to pull off this thanksgiving dinner.

Lesson 31: I have so much left to learn about the world, and lots to learn from those i love. I love going to Auntie Wilma's because i always learn something useful (it usually involves food). I am grateful for her patience with me always wanting to make something and i am grateful grandma could come visit and i could learn from her too.

Lesson 32: Don't take yourself too seriously. This guy was awesome, he was hilarious and was able to laugh at himself. I love that.

Lesson 33: Hawaii is the perfect place to fall in love. And i did... with Hawaii and all the time i was able to hang out with my sisters that i miss all the time SO much!
Lesson 34: i look better with a tan.

Lesson 35: My family contains some of my best friends. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful family. we had so much fun together, we always do.
Lesson 36: My sisters are amazing, they can picture something in their mind and then make it happen. Take this cake for example. I think i need to learn something from them.

Lesson 37: My friends are starting to get married.. which means my day is getting closer.

Lesson 38: This guy does a lot. He just wears himself out.. and so then he falls asleep anywhere.. and snores, i am grateful for all he does (minus the snoring)

Lesson 39: Proper preparation does pay off. Whether it is dressing warm so you don't freeze or studying for quizzes and tests. it all pays off.

Lesson 40: I love puzzles. my life is a puzzle.. i keep just putting little pieces together with that image of what i want things to look like when i am done. SOmetimes the pieces dont' fit right and it gets frustrating, but it feels so good when i get a little section done.


.Ang. said...

This was the greatest post!! I love all your lessons and all the pictures that went along with each!

You are amazing Lan! I don't think you know how much I admire you and look up to you!

I love you tons!

Thanks for the email today and THIS!


Judy Takahashi said...

Thanks for your words of wisdom and fun. You have such a gift for making life interesting and exciting. I sure love you and miss you too.
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

I love that lesson Number 11 was about me... I would love that hey;) this post is great, like Carrie Underwood says - lessons learned


jaQ-ee said...

That was an awesome post. You are so talented in the way you think about things. You always see things in a unique way and we are all blessed by your perspective!

Lesson Learned: Life isn't Life without Alana

Papahashi said...

This is a great post. I'm also grateful for the lessons that you learned in 2008. I'm especially grateful that you finally learned #6 and #38. As for #27 - how about as a birthday present?

I still don't remember wearing that tux.

Erika said...

LOVE THIS POST!.. enough said

Burgess Family said...

That was great! So many lessons learned and so many things for me to think about.

A headlamp for a Christmas gift...birthday gift...it is always good to have a light to show you the way in life.

May said...

A great post. I love the way you used pictures to get your message across. Life is a bowl of cherries!. May your future be one of much success and fulfillment of your desires. Just remember there are obstacles in the way but famous people never got where they were without a few roadblocks. As they say reach for the stars=never give up--anything is possible.

The Ortons said...

LLLLLOVE This post, and LOVE you. This is perfect. I loved it. I'm so glad you did it. And that I was able to spend 2008 with you. I love you.

The Ortons said...

P.S. you changed a lot during 2008. I mean physically spiritually mentally but through the pictures I could mostly notice physically. P.P.S. WHY DO I LOOK SO CHUBBY MY FIRST DAY AT BYU. Also, You look gorgeous no matter HOW you do your hair. Love you.

Sonia said...

I loved it all . . . your're so cute!!

Linz said...

ditto to everything everyone else said!! i sure luv ya!

Wilma said...

That WAS a great year for you. You know you're doing the right things when you continue to learn such wonderful lessons in life and continue to grow.

I love having you down here! Thanks for sharing and allowing me to grow more from being a part of your life.

sticker said...