Wednesday, February 18, 2009

confessions of a school-aholic

School has possessed my life. School and work. My name is Alana Takahashi, and i am a school-aholic. I find that i get to school around at least 8:30-9 everyday, and i don't end up leaving til at least 8:30-9 every night, sometimes, like tonight, i stay later. My classes are tough, the workload is insane. But i do like being kept busy. i really do. And.. over the past little bit.. here are some things i have been up to.

Sam and i went and watched cort in a ping pong tournament. We made this sign for him, the reverse side said "de-fense". Ping pong fans aren't really that active, our attempt at doing the wave didn't go very far with the other 3 people in the crowd, and they didn't really approve of our cheering. We had even looked up ping pong lingo to sound like we did this all the time. "YA.. SKUNK IT!!"

I also successfully pulled off a surprise party for Samantha's 23rd birthday... with lots of help from kaiti and AJ. As roommates we went for dinner and amused her at the mall while everyone was gathering.

We rented out the clubhouse.. and a lot of people came. It was a fun night. and she was oh so surprised.

there was cake

chocolate fountain and chips and salsa

rockband and boys

a lot of my girl friends

and some kissing rugby. yeah.. looks dangerous, and it was. (check out the cast on the guy in the rights hand... jk.. he already had that)

i made these cookies for a friend (and never got them to him and his wife) but i wanted to say:

to Angie and Erika for helping make my birthday SO much more amazing. these girls amaze me.

i guess that doesn't seem like much other than school. but i am trying to find more balance in my life....


jaQ-ee said...

I didnt know about Sam's surprise party...did I?? Hmm. i dont remember now. Anyways, it looks like you did a great job!

And you are super hot. Just so you know.

And the stuff Ang and Erika sent you looks awesome! Tell me about it on gchat! love you

Burgess Family said...

School times. Enjoy them while you can.

And family...aren't they great!

intelligence said...