Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!!

I just had to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best mom ever!!!

Angie wrote a wonderful tribute to my mom on her blog. and i want to just copy and paste it pretty much! cause she said everything perfectly (as she often does)

Especially since coming out to school at BYU, my relationship with my mom has grown immensely. I think it had to do with the realization that she has been where i am before (not literally...) she has lived and i am impressed with where she got herself. I want to have the same kind of success in my life. She is just so amazing. Let me give a few reasons why:

Exhibit A: My mom married my dad. probably the best thing that ever happened to me (because without that.. where would i be?) But really, i don't think she could have picked a better guy. But i know that my dad is lucky too. My mom is one of a kind. I hope that one day i can be someone like my mom, and attract someone like my dad. I know she always wanted to go on a mission, but i am pretty glad that she decided to marry my dad instead. And even though she never wore the name-tag, she has always had a strong testimony and been a great missionary.

Exhibit B) My mom always has time for us. As Angie said so well, she always stressed the importance of family first. Something that i totally took for granted when i was younger, and cherish now. She was always at sports games, recitals, doctors appointments, dentist appointments, music lessons.. everything.
Exhibit c) She is a great listener. i have really started relying on my mom as someone to talk to lately. she has great advice, and sometimes just having there to talk to helps me see perspective. Its nice to feel like i always have a cheerleader.
Exhibit D) My mom knows all kinds of things about all kinds of things and has always been a great teacher, letting us learn hands on. She isn't afraid to try or to let her girls try (even if we may wreck something). Like Angie said, she always let us help her cook, clean (okay.. anyone would want help with that) but she let us paint our rooms how we wanted, wear what we wanted, do our hair how we wanted etc. she is pretty laid back.

Exhibit E) My mom just as this love for life and this knowledge of what is good and right. She is so talented and i see her talents in my sisters. They can sing, they can cook, they are crafy, they aren't afraid to try things, they break guys hearts. i hope that i have inherited some as well.

There are many other reasons why i love my mom so much and i look up to her the way i do. But my time is restricted (as well as my pictures). Thanks again mom for being so awesome. i sure love you and hope that you have a wonderful birthday!!!


May said...

What a great tribute to your mom. Loved it as well as the one that Angie wrote,
I agree . Your mom is a wonderful person and very talented. I think your dad made a great choice.

Papahashi said...

Dear Alana,
It seems to get harder to have birthdays these days but with sweet daughters who make a mom feel so loved I have to say that my dreaded b-day has been a very, heart warming experience. I love you and am grateful for your generous words and sentiment. I hope you someday have daughters who are like you and then you'll know how good it feels. Thanks for the wonderful birthday post. I know how you must be very busy these days as midterms are upon you. Thanks for taking time for me...that is the best gift EVER!
Much love, Mom

Sharon said...

Great blog entry. You have a wonderful Mom and I love the photos that you found to help portray your feelings. . . yes, and a great Dad too (the best brother a sister could have!)