Tuesday, March 24, 2009

golden birthday

Its Candi's birthday.. and for such an occasion i have made a list ( i love lists) for her (i love candi)

25 PLUS reasons why i love candi and more than 25 pictures of her

1. she loves her sisters

2. she makes a great looking eskimo

3. she plays games with me and grandma, even if i beat them both SOO bad

4. she is a very hard worker

5. she looks great in pictures

6. she looks great on the beach

7. this. whenever there is this, its always good.

8. she loves me (obviously)

9. we made this ^(our teepee with a fire in it) and then were able to make it into this:

10 . if you ever need someone to play scary spice when you dress up as the spice girls.. she's your girl

11. she keeps her drugs organized in baggies. (okay.. its only baking soda.. but it looks kind of like drugs)

12. she loves the Calgary Stampede as much as i do, and will eat all that food with me

13. she was there with me when i saw this ^

14. she can set up at tent and rough it for the night

15. she doesn't let a little rain, rain on her parade (this was taken after the raymond parade)

16. she always is at important milestones in our lives

17. she painted me this

18. she likes to do this ALL The time (jk.. )

19. cause of jenelles face in this pictures.. just pure laughter.

20. she is the best nurse eVER!!!

(wait.. candi.. shouldn't grandma be in that chair?)

21 .we have a lot of fun together. so much laughter

22. she looks great in Grandpa Takahashi's sweaters

23. she is a really good aunt

24. she has a healthy apetite

25. she likes strawberry tarts, her apetite is healthy

26. she has a healthy apetite and it includes these... ewww i have so much respect for her eating this and enjoying

27. best bubble tea date

28. her fashion sense is amazing. hello VOGUE. check it out

29. she proudly wore these water shoes with me

30. she looks more tennis player-ish than the williams sisters.

31. more stuff for vogue.

32. we have great ideas together. like this stadium seating.

33. she does the signature peace sign so professionally

34. she doesn't get along too well with luggage, and she still uses it.

35. all the bonding time we have got to have because of working together so many times

36. because she is tough enough to wear pink

like really.. i love this girl. i have learned so much from her and she is just an awesome sister.

happy golden birthday.

can't wait to see you SOON!!!



Melissa said...

I really like this list.. I laughed out loud for a couple of the list items... and there are some really cute pics... I second the happy birthday!

May said...

Loved your post The pictures showed many of Candi's great. attributes. She will make a wonderful nurse.

Happy Birthday Candi! Have a great day!

Papahashi said...

I can't believe the pictures you and Angie and Erika came up with. With all the updates today we have quite a variety of pictures. I'm sure Candi will enjoy the them (at least most of them).

Judy Takahashi said...

You're a great list maker Alana!

Another wonderful post to make Candi's golden birthday even more special.

Love you Alana.

"Happy Birthday to you Candi"

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to me! thank you so much for the birthday post, I also love lists, and all the pictures you found. You are so thoughtful.

Can't wait to see you in a week!

Love you!

Kaiti Klara said...

This list is so thoughtful and creative! alana you really impress me. I love you, and i love Candi!!!! I will miss you girls this summer like you would not believe:'(

Sharon said...

I love all the photos! Some lucky guy is missing out on such a wonderful, beautiful, and talented woman. You are a special person Candi! Have a great birthday!

KandyJill said...

That's the sweetest birthday post I've ever seen!