Monday, March 2, 2009

i think they might just FIRE me.. haha

Monday mornings have happened to be REALLY exciting the past couple of weeks at work.
today topped last week, and so i am scared for monday morning next week.

Last monday while i was in Control (where you are basically watching all camera's, answering the phone and doing what its called being in CONTROL) my boss went to the police dept to change... just a typical monday morning... until the FIRE ALARM GOES OFF!

So basically people are looking to ME to know what to do.. and i am wanting to look to my BOSS.. who isn't around. he is supposed to be the last one out of the building, and with him gone, its supposed to be me. Well.. it all turned out okay. it wasn't an actual fire.. someone had burnt a blueberry bagel. but initially i didn't know that, and i left the building eventually, because i don't care if i am in control, i am not going down with a potential building that is on fire. all in all.. good learning experience, adrenaline rush and excitement.

So that brings me to today. i made a new friend at work.

The flashlight. Never will i be found at work without this genius little gadget.

Let me tell you about today. Of course i am joking around with EVERYONE about the fire alarm going off again.. i just think i am SO funny. My boss goes to change, and i say:

" hopefully the fire alarm doesn't go off without you this week! "

we chuckle and he goes to change, i knocked on wood, so the fire alarm didn't go off. He gets back and is in his office, and i am still droppping the fire alarm jokes with everyone (no it wasn't old yet).. and i am in CONTROL, well covering it for 902 (another gaurd) and the power goes out. we are in complete darkness.

i yell to my boss, and ask what to do. we go and make sure that our gaurds are okay and that the people in the class are okay, we are all on the 2nd floor, which is underground and just SO dark and creepy, and i grab a flashlight (which i am supposed to wear with my uniform.. but i never had)

Everyone is okay.. i lead a few people to where there is more light.. and the emergency lights go on. Our museum went into lockdown as the door locks didn't work with the black out (most of campus blacked out actually) and so we had to keep everyone in the building as there is lots of priceless art that we can't let walk out of the building. (our job is rough... )

well then my boss gets a call from dispatch, there is an alarm going off in the mechanical boiler room. AKA THIS: for those of you who have seen home alone

Kevin is scared of this area in his house.. like i am in the museum. Its scary enough when the power is on and all the lights are on. it creeps me out, i try to avoid it.

It realy looks more like this:

or this

So.. i did as i was told. i think i almost actually peed my pants being down there with mostly just the light of my flashlight. i kept spinning around and making sure there was nothing behind me, and i tried to sing myself some songs.. luckily there was no reason for the alarms, except the fact that everything had just got rebooted with the power out and running off generators. But still.. SO scary, i think i have a bit of a fear of the dark and mechanical boiler rooms. so many foreign shapes and sounds. i was so glad everything was Code 4 down there.

And then.. there were alarms going off on the roof. yepp. the roof. i hadn't been up there yet in my time as a guard. it was pretty fun.

this door would not close when i went back down, i had to call and ask for someone to come help me. HAHA

just some pics i took from the roof of the MOA. no big deal. i took them on my cell phone.

While i was getting my cell phone out, my heart stopped again as my phone slipped out of my hands while i was pulling it out of my pocket, it almost fell off the roof. Lucky for me it just barely stayed up on the roof. PHEW!

So.. my boss blames me. he says all of this has been happening because i am bad luck. i say i am just trying to become the best educated gaurd working security at the MOA. he says he should fire me... i pray he's just joking

okay he is

but really.. its been exciting.. and i have a new best friend.


jaQ-ee said...

wow, FUNNY story! And so random. I "likey"

Your phone takes good pics. And I'm glad it remained on the roof.

I'm also glad you are having some adventures at work. I was thinking...Night at the Museum. It was dark, right? Close enough.

Wilma said...

What an ideal way to educate the rest of the staff on what to do in case of a fire! There should be a promotion in it for you NOT a firing.

And I'm impressed that you took pictures. Technology is amazing and wonderful. Pictures from the cell phone...who would have thought?

So, much like your Dad and "almosting peeing your pants".

Papahashi said...

Last week fire alarm. This week power failure. Next week ????? - perhaps a flood.