Sunday, March 8, 2009

just a great week.

The week was great. On Thursday night i went with Courtney, Rylie and Tiffany to the Draper Temple Open house. It was awesome.
We took a ride on the 'Special bus'

This is the only picture i have of the four of us. and since they had tunnels all set up we weren't ever actually outside outside of the temple so we didn't get a picture in front of it.

The Temple really was so beautiful inside, and really breath-taking. I made a promise to myself that that won't be the last time i am in some of those rooms there. it was the first time i really felt like the temple is a home, i noticed the atributes of things that are like our homes. it was wonderful. Thanks to courtney and the crew for letting me go with them and getting me a ticket.

and then there was yesterday.

i got invited by my friend Blake, who was visiting from Arizona to go to this, ( see this), that his cousin, who has a really sweet job with red bull, was sponsoring the Intelligent Design half-pipe competition. it was the real deal, and we got hooked up with VIP passes (which also turned out to be hill passes for that day and the next, but we didn't know.. so we didn't plan on snowboarding).

We watched part of the competition from under this tent. i had forgot my wallet, and i was so glad they let me in anyways, i was sad i had to promise not to drink. JUST KIDDING!)i don't know if you can see it in any of the pictures, but they had a bar set up in the left corner of the tent that was made from ice, i thought it was pretty sweet. and i stuck to the free water.

Shawn White, who i guess is a pretty big deal in the snowboarding world (although not much to look at) was there, and he won. my friend blake actually met him and fell into his board. Shawn actually said hi to blake and asked him what's up.. and then blake was like 'ohh nothing' all cool and then his legs buckled and he fell on shawns snowboard. he will tell that story for the rest of his life.

We met up with blakes cousins Adam, Christian. the 'favero's', i learned this family is a big deal, or at least they like to think so. It was a lot of fun. The guys i was with couldn't believe how big the half-pip was and how well carved it was. it looked good to me, but i am no professional on this sort of thing, so i just took their word for it. it was HUGE- olympic sized i guess, and the best (and only) half-pipe i have ever seen in person.

We got some food afterwards, and really tried to take advantage of the VIP pass and silver wristband - (that christian is modelling so nicely here)

We used it when asking for chickin on our nacho's supreme (it didn't really do anything, but christian still showed it off) and we could have used it to get into the after party at Harryo's, but we didn't.

After a couple of hours of shopping, driving and hanging out in a condo in park city talking to Aaron about his awesome job (i was actually very interested in his job, he has the ultimate even team job, plus more responsibility), we decided to go snowmobiling and maybe to some hotsprings.

Christian modelling his well packed backpack. he had first-aid kits, flashlights, firestarting kit.. everything we might need. We first headed up sqauw peak, but after getting the snowmobiles unloaded and going about 1/4 of a mile, there was no snow. we almost went home, but then we decided to check out alpine loop. and just out luck, there was TONS of snow. and we went snowmobiling for a couple of hours.
Christian was my model for the night. and i swear i really was there, but i didn't get any pictures of myself. Anyways.. it was SUPER cold, and Adam thought we were going to get eaten by a cougar, but we still had a lot of fun. well at least i did.

if i could do this stuff all the time, then i don't think i'd be so sick of the snow.
i am glad i met adam and christian and maybe they'll take me out there again...

provo proves to be a lot of fun sometimes

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The Ortons said...

AHHHH FUN WEEKEND. I wish I could have spent it with you.
Love youuuu.